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join 10
joined 112
joiner 1
joining 42
joinings 2
joins 9
joint 7
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42 impassibility
42 impeded
42 jewish
42 joining
42 limbs
42 midway
42 myself
St. Thomas Aquinas
Summa Theologica

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   Part, Question
1 1, 3 | effected by ~the mind in joining a predicate to a subject. 2 1, 92 | the intention of the will joining both ~together. But each 3 1, 92 | the intention of the will joining the two together, ~does 4 3, 1 | about chiefly by "His so joining created nature to Himself 5 3, 2 | in the one Christ, only joining them in a union of dignity ~ 6 3, 2 | that, Union implies the joining of several in some one thing. ~ 7 Suppl, 44| Whether matrimony is a kind of joining?~(2) Whether it is fittingly 8 Suppl, 44| Whether matrimony is a kind of joining?~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[44] A[ 9 Suppl, 44| matrimony is not a kind of joining. Because ~the bond whereby 10 Suppl, 44| together differs from their joining, as ~cause from effect. 11 Suppl, 44| Therefore it is not a kind of joining.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[44] A[ 12 Suppl, 44| neither is it a kind of joining.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[44] A[ 13 Suppl, 44| Para. 1/1~OBJ 3: Further, a joining is a relation of equiparance 14 Suppl, 44| there an ~identically same joining; and consequently if matrimony 15 Suppl, 44| matrimony is a kind of ~joining, there is not only one matrimony 16 Suppl, 44| nor is it other than a joining.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[44] A[ 17 Suppl, 44| Therefore matrimony is a kind of joining.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[44] A[ 18 Suppl, 44| Para. 1/1~I answer that, A joining denotes a kind of uniting, 19 Suppl, 44| are united there must be a joining. Now things directed to 20 Suppl, 44| in matrimony there is a joining in respect of which we speak ~ 21 Suppl, 44| husband and wife; and this joining, through being directed 22 Suppl, 44| is matrimony; while the joining together of bodies and minds 23 Suppl, 44| not be distinct from the joining.~Aquin.: SMT XP Q[44] A[ 24 Suppl, 44| relation of the aforesaid joining to this sacrament), whereas ~ 25 Suppl, 44| the ~cause of that same joining, are sensible.~Aquin.: SMT 26 Suppl, 44| belongs to the genus. Now a joining [conjunctio] is the genus 27 Suppl, 44| its ~essence, which is a joining together, and in reference 28 Suppl, 44| unius," because it is a joining ~together for the purpose 29 Suppl, 44| the case in point. for the joining of husband ~and wife by 30 Suppl, 44| joinings, since it is a ~joining of soul and body, wherefore 31 Suppl, 44| for since matrimony is a joining together for the purpose ~ 32 Suppl, 44| of some one thing, this joining together is specified by 33 Suppl, 44| indicates the force of this joining - for it is indissoluble - 34 Suppl, 45| there is a kind of spiritual joining together, in so ~far as 35 Suppl, 45| and a certain material joining together, ~in so far as 36 Suppl, 45| follows that the spiritual joining is the effect of the Divine 37 Suppl, 45| by ~means of the material joining. Therefore seeing that the 38 Suppl, 45| consent, it follows that the ~joining together of marriage is 39 Suppl, 45| marriage consists in a mutual ~joining together, as stated above ( 40 Suppl, 48| union itself, but a certain joining ~together of husband and 41 Suppl, 48| carnal intercourse, which ~joining together is called the nuptial 42 Suppl, 48| Para. 1/1~Reply OBJ 2: The joining together can be taken for

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