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St. Thomas Aquinas
Catechetical Instructions

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  • The holy Eucharist
    • Errors concerning the Eucharist
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Errors concerning the Eucharist
There have been many errors regarding this Sacrament. The first error is of 
those who say that in this Sacrament is not the true Body of Christ but 
only a sign of it. The author of this error is said to be Berengarius 
against whom it is written: "For My Flesh is meat indeed; and My Blood is 
drink indeed."24 The second is the error of the Arrodinici, who offer in 
their sacrament bread and cheese because they say men at first made 
offerings of the fruits of the earth and of their flocks. Against this, 
however, stands the fact that the Lord who is the institutor of this 
Sacrament gave to His disciples bread and wine. The third is the error of 
the Cataphrygae and the Praeputiati, who drew the blood of an infant from 
tiny punctures in its body, and mixing this with flour made a bread of it; 
and thus asserted that they consecrated the sacrament. This is more like 
the sacrifices of demons than that of Christ: "And they shed innocent blood 
. . . which they sacrificed to the idols of Chanaan."25 The fourth is the 
error of the Aquarii, who offer water only in their sacrifices. But against 
this are the words from the mouth of Wisdom, which is Christ: "Drink the 
wine which I have mingled for you."26 Another error is that of the Poor 
People of Lyons who hold that any just man can consecrate this Sacrament. 
Against such errors is the fact that the Lord gave to the Apostles the 
power to celebrate this Sacrament; and hence only those who receive this 
power in a certain succession from the Apostles can consecrate this 

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. Ps. cv. 39.

26. Prov., ix. 5.

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