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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| being experienced in many countries, the Church has the duty 2 I, 0| Madagascar, going to thirty-six countries. On my Apostolic Visits 3 II, 1| Portugal and other European countries to continue, expand and 4 II, 1| recent decades many African countries have celebrated the first 5 II, 1| Institutes, as well as to all the countries which, during the almost 6 II, 1| missionaries not only for the countries of the Continent but also 7 II, 1| Dioceses — in their own countries or abroad. The African provinces 8 II, 1| thirty years ago many African countries gained their independence 9 II, 1| peoples. However, "in some countries the internal situation has 10 II, 1| process in many African countries, expressing the hope that 11 II, 2| priorities and problems of such countries or respect their cultural 12 VI, 0| Aware that in many African countries gross violations of human 13 VI, 0| most disadvantaged. Rich countries must become clearly aware 14 VI, 0| support the efforts of the countries struggling to rise from 15 VI, 0| the interest of the rich countries to choose the path of solidarity, 16 VI, 0| Church in the developed countries cannot ignore the added 17 VI, 0| justice and dignity for those countries which, after gaining independence, 18 VI, 1| Many of them go to foreign countries where, as if in exile, they 19 VI, 1| the development of your countries, to love the culture of 20 VI, 1| the Synod appealed to all countries that sell arms to Africa 21 VI, 1| assume in the name of our countries",228 it immediately warned 22 VI, 1| Conferences of the industrialized countries to present this issue consistently 23 VI, 1| situation of many African countries is so serious as to leave 24 VI, 2| which are inundating poor countries. In addition, the Synod 25 VI, 2| technologically more advanced countries. Programmes of continental 26 VII, 0| and re-live in your own countries the missionary epic of the 27 VII, 0| rights committed in distant countries, countries which perhaps 28 VII, 0| committed in distant countries, countries which perhaps they will

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