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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 II, 1| many of those essential values which our Continent very 2 II, 1| Positive values of African culture~42. Although 3 II, 1| with a wealth of cultural values and priceless human qualities 4 II, 1| highlighted some of these cultural values, which are truly a providential 5 II, 1| of the Gospel. They are values which can contribute to 6 III, 0| transformation of authentic cultural values through their integration 7 III, 0| be transformed by Gospel values in the light of the Paschal 8 III, 0| the Redemption that the values and counter-values of cultures 9 III, 0| takes on all authentic human values, purifying them from sin 10 III, 0| the Church takes on the values of different cultures, becoming 11 III, 0| through our respect for the values and religious traditions 12 III, 0| assimilation of positive values such as belief in a Supreme 13 III, 0| Provident and Just Judge, values which are readily harmonized 14 III, 0| above all its own specific values and counter-values. For 15 IV, 1| to all authentic African values. Inculturation of the faith 16 IV, 2| While adopting the positive values of modernity, the African 17 IV, 2| preserve its own essential values.~ 18 IV, 2| resolutions contradicting many values of the African family. The 19 V, 0| message assimilates the values of the society to which 20 V, 0| can integrate the positive values of a specific culture, inculturation 21 V, 1| cultural pillars and noble values of the African tradition 22 V, 1| priests in the true cultural values of their country, in a sense 23 V, 1| attention to the wholesome values present in the priests' 24 VI, 0| that the promotion of these values should also be a part of 25 VII, 0| fostering the particular values and riches of your people' 26 VII, 0| promoting respect for the values of African traditional religion.~ 27 VII, 0| in faith, the authentic values of others.~Ready to cooperate

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