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battle 2
battlefield 1
be 208
bear 16
bearing 6
bears 4
beat 3
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17 son
17 words
16 aware
16 bear
16 common
16 communities
16 concern
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

IntraText - Concordances


   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 II, 1| encourage it to continue to bear this witness. The preferential 2 II, 3| Christians: to bring to bear upon the social fabric an 3 III, 0| which Christ's disciples bear witness to the faith, hope 4 III, 0| 56. To bear witness to the Gospel in 5 III, 0| into the world in order to bear witness to Christ with confident 6 III, 0| As such, he wants us to bear witness to him through our 7 IV, 1| the other hand, she must bear witness to this message 8 IV, 1| conviction enabling them to bear effective witness to it 9 VI, 0| Family of God in Africa must bear witness to Christ also by 10 VI, 0| Catholics are expected to bear witness to goodness, truth, 11 VI, 0| Because all men and women bear God's image and are called 12 VII, 0| overriding concern was to bear witness to Christ. I found 13 VII, 0| Africa is not called to bear witness to Christ only on 14 VII, 0| received from Christ: to bear witness to him in the whole 15 VII, 0| responding to the call to bear witness "to the ends of 16 VII, 0| Catholic Community in Africa to bear authentic witness before

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