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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | this holy see, and of the ecclesiastical character. We were, therefore, 2 5,2| without the license of ecclesiastical superiors, the said books 3 6,2| let them be compelled by ecclesiastical censures, or otherwise, 4 7,2| apply itself to restore ecclesiastical discipline, which is exceedingly 5 7,2| passed in the exercises of ecclesiastical discipline, bears testimony 6 7,2| fruits, to be applied, by an ecclesiastical superior, to the fabric 7 7,2| title, or in commendam, any ecclesiastical benefices requiring personal 8 8,1| capable individuals. ~Inferior Ecclesiastical Benefices, especially such 9 8,1| or otherwise incompatible Ecclesiastical Benefices, whether by way 10 8,1| otherwise incompatible, Ecclesiastical Benefices to exhibit their 11 8,1| otherwise. ~CHAPTER VII. ~United Ecclesiastical Benefices shall be visited: 12 8,1| upon a specific property. ~Ecclesiastical Benefices with cures, which 13 8,1| shall be subjected to an ecclesiastical interdict; and the persons 14 8,1| confirmed in, or admitted to any ecclesiastical benefices whatsoever, even 15 8,3| to prohibit, even under ecclesiastical pains and censures, the 16 14,1| a man prove himself. Now ecclesiastical usage declares that necessary 17 14,3| degradation from the said ecclesiastical orders and degrees, in the 18 14,3| others persons constituted in ecclesiastical dignity, who are of weight 19 15,5| from his own orders, or ecclesiastical degrees and dignities; no 20 15,5| flesh;-for this cause, all ecclesiastical persons, howsoever exempted, 21 15,5| other offices, or benefices ecclesiastical; if, after having been admonished 22 15,5| lawful to confer upon him any ecclesiastical benefices, even though they 23 15,5| ever excluded from every ecclesiastical order, benefice, and office. 24 15,5| of his own sheep, that so ecclesiastical order may not be confounded, 25 15,5| moreover, of whatsoever ecclesiastical or Secular dignity, can, 26 16,2| thereof, and to all other ecclesiastical and Secular persons,- especially 27 16,2| faithful of Christ, towards all ecclesiastical and Secular princes, and 28 16,2| princes, and towards all ecclesiastical and Secular persons, of 29 17,2| some person constituted in ecclesiastical dignity. Wherefore, let 30 19,3| thereof, and to all the ecclesiastical and secular persons, especially 31 19,3| faithful of Christ, towards all ecclesiastical and secular princes, and 32 19,3| princes, and towards all other ecclesiastical and secular persons, of 33 22,2| decree.~Forasmuch as the ecclesiastical order ought to be free from 34 22,2| deceits, pretend to have an ecclesiastical benefice, or even means 35 22,2| peaceful possession of an ecclesiastical benefice sufficient for 36 22,2| have obtained a sufficient ecclesiastical benefice, or they shall 37 23,3| inviolably to observe them, by ecclesiastical censures and other penalties, 38 23,4| administrators, whether ecclesiastical, or lay, of the fabric of 39 23,4| exercise that office, in ecclesiastical and spiritual affairs, lawsuits, 40 24,1| sobriety. ~CHAPTER IV ~On the Ecclesiastical hierarchy, and on Ordination. ~ 41 24,1| nothing but confound the ecclesiastical hierarchy, which is as an 42 24,1| that, besides the other ecclesiastical degrees, bishops, who have 43 24,1| devised by men unskilled in ecclesiastical matters; or, that it is 44 24,1| rightly ordained, nor sent, by ecclesiastical and canonical power, but 45 24,2| or, in his default, his ecclesiastical superior for him, to apply 46 24,2| whomsoever who hold any ecclesiastical benefice having cure of 47 24,2| Ordinaries to constrain them by ecclesiastical censures, and by the sequestration 48 24,2| years is required for an ecclesiastical benfice; who is to enjoy 49 24,2| enjoy the privilege of the (ecclesiastical) court. ~No one, after being 50 24,2| enjoy the privilege of the (ecclesiastical) court, unless he have an 51 24,2| court, unless he have an ecclesiastical benefice; or, wearing the 52 24,2| benefice; or, wearing the ecclesiastical dress and tonsure, he serves 53 24,2| bishop's permission in an ecclesiastical seminary, or in some school, 54 24,2| Almighty God, persevere in ecclesiastical discipline; the holy Synod 55 24,2| religiously, and to train in ecclesiastical discipline, a certain number 56 24,2| will always serve in the ecclesiastical ministry. And It wishes 57 24,2| number, age, and progress in ecclesiastical discipline, shall, when 58 24,2| trained in the aforesaid ecclesiastical discipline, they shall always 59 24,2| learn grammar, singing, ecclesiastical computation, and the other 60 24,2| instructed in sacred Scripture; ecclesiastical works; the homilies of the 61 24,2| and likewise of all other ecclesiastical revenues and proceeds whatsoever, 62 24,2| to laymen, out of which ecclesiastical subsidies are wont to be 63 24,2| bishop of the place shall, by ecclesiastical censures, and other legal 64 24,3| bishoprics, dignities, and other ecclesiastical benefices, and divers articles 65 25,2| valid, notwithstanding the ecclesiastical law, or vow; and that the 66 25,2| causes do not belong to ecclesiastical judges; let him be anathema. ~ 67 25,4| bishops, if need be, even by ecclesiastical censures; any privileges 68 25,4| apply to those who hold ecclesiastical benefices, in so far as 69 25,4| to preserve and increase ecclesiastical discipline, with the view 70 25,4| retain the same. ~Whereas ecclesiastical order is perverted when 71 25,4| that, for the future, one ecclesiastical benefice only shall be conferred 72 25,4| if the church be under ecclesiastical patronage, and the institution 73 25,4| causes, appertaining to the Ecclesiastical court, is prescribed. ~All 74 25,4| any way whatever to the ecclesiastical court, even though they 75 25,4| though de latere, nuncios, ecclesiastical governors, or others, shall 76 25,4| against clerics, or other ecclesiastical persons, until the bishop 77 26,3| violated; repressing, by ecclesiastical censures and other penalties, 78 26,3| or disobey, they shall by ecclesiastical censures compel them to 79 26,3| if need be, enforce by ecclesiastical censures that this be performed 80 26,4| importance towards restoring ecclesiastical discipline, admonishes all 81 26,4| observed by all who hold ecclesiastical benefices, whether Secular 82 26,4| or shall hereafter hold, ecclesiastical benefices, and whose duty 83 26,4| advancement of religion and of ecclesiastical discipline. But as regards 84 26,4| excommunication is the very sinews of ecclesiastical discipline, and very salutary 85 26,4| causes, it is enjoined on all ecclesiastical judges, of whatsoever dignity 86 26,4| judgment, they abstain from ecclesiastical censures, or interdict, 87 26,4| in any way belong to the ecclesiastical court, it shall be lawful 88 26,4| magistrate, to prohibit an ecclesiastical judge from excommunicating 89 26,4| to the bishop in causes ecclesiastical; notwithstanding, as regards 90 26,4| granted. ~Whereas, as regards ecclesiastical benefices, whatsoever carries 91 26,4| Regress, in regard of any ecclesiastical benefice of whatsoever quality, 92 26,4| effect in regard of all ecclesiastical benefices whatsoever, and 93 26,4| any one in regard of any ecclesiastical benefices whatsoever. But 94 26,4| admonishes all who hold any ecclesiastical benefices, whether Secular 95 26,4| compelled thereunto not only by ecclesiastical censures, and other remedies 96 26,4| that, under this pretext, ecclesiastical benefices be reduced to 97 26,4| henceforth be committed those ecclesiastical and spiritual causes, belonging 98 26,4| causes, belonging to the ecclesiastical court, which may have to 99 26,4| CHAPTER XI. ~Certain leases of Ecclesiastical Property or rights are prohibited; 100 26,4| it be lawful, to farm out ecclesiastical jurisdictions, or the faculties 101 26,4| for ever deprived of their ecclesiastical benefices, portions, offices, 102 26,4| regards clerics who have not ecclesiastical benefices or pensions, they 103 26,4| fathers have, or had, an ecclesiastical benefice, any benefice whatsoever, 104 26,4| ordains, that those Secular ecclesiastical benefices, by whatsoever 105 26,4| be for ever deprived of ecclesiastical sepulture. Those also who 106 26,4| Synod being desirous that ecclesiastical discipline may not only 107 26,4| It has ordained touching ecclesiastical persons, has thought fit, 108 26,4| immunity of the church and of ecclesiastical persons, which, by the ordinance 109 26,4| published in favour of ecclesiastical persons, of the liberty 110 26,4| respect whatsoever is of ecclesiastical right, as belonging especially 111 26,4| reformation of morals, and ecclesiastical discipline, as well under 112 27 | manners, and to restore ecclesiastical discipline, to procure time 113 27 | by the censures also and ecclesiastical penalties contained in the 114 27 | some person constituted in ecclesiastical dignity. Let no one, therefore,

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