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soberly 1
sobriety 3
society 2
soever 54
sojourn 2
sojourning 6
soldiers 4
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54 above
54 done
54 especially
54 soever
54 times
53 during
53 make

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | abbots, as also all others soever, unto whom, by right or 2 3,1| bishops, and all others soever constituted in the priestly 3 6,2| become vacant in any way soever, except by resignation, 4 6,2| those who in any manner soever hold any parochial, or other, 5 7,1| thereof. ~But no one, how much soever justified, ought to think 6 7,1| men, how holy and just soever, at times fall into at least 7 7,1| justified and how perfect soever, is not bound to observe 8 7,2| church, under what title soever, cause, name, or right committed 9 7,2| the plea of any privilege soever, to exercise pontifical 10 8,1| alone, but any simple priest soever; let him be anathema. ~DECREE 11 8,1| the instance of any person soever, unless it shall be certain 12 8,1| pious places of what sort soever, shall be visited every 13 8,1| nominated by any ecclesiastics soever, even by Nuncios of the 14 8,1| the plea of any privilege soever, or custom, which may even 15 8,1| administrators, by what names soever called, and in what way 16 8,1| called, and in what way soever exempted: observing herein 17 8,3| transfer and change, when soever you shall see cause, the 18 8,3| notwithstanding. Wherefore, let no one soever infringe this letter of 19 11,2| indiction and any others soever made and published on this 20 14,1| mortal sin, how contrite soever he may seem to himself, 21 14,2| mortal sin, how contrite even soever they may think themselves. 22 15,1| of the keys to any others soever besides bishops and priests; 23 15,5| crime, or in what manner soever, even extra-judicially; 24 15,5| pretext of any privilege soever, considered screened, so 25 15,5| what dignity and condition soever, even though a Chapter, 26 16,2| state, condition, or quality soever they may be, of the province 27 16,2| Sienna, under what form soever expressed,--to the prejudice 28 17,2| appoint, that, all suspension soever removed, It be there celebrated. 29 19,3| state, condition, or quality soever they may be, of the province 30 19,3| Sienna, under what form soever expressed; to the prejudice 31 22,1| or change, what things soever it may judge most expedient, 32 22,1| to be allowed to any one soever; and, whether, in case that, 33 22,2| reserved, or in what way soever applied: the which unions 34 22,2| all parts of Christendom soever, their name and use be henceforth 35 23,4| third part of all fruits soever, are to be established; 36 23,5| to be allowed to any one soever; and, whether, in that case, 37 24,2| any manner of privilege soever, license, claim as a domestic, 38 24,2| oath or by what authority soever,--by any custom, even though 39 25,4| committed to any others soever, but metropolitans, or bishops, 40 25,4| notwithstanding any privileges what soever, even those of the order 41 26,3| immoveable, of what nature soever it may be, or in what way 42 26,3| it may be, or in what way soever acquired; but the same shall 43 26,3| immediately subject, in what-soever pertains to the said cure 44 26,3| what quality or condition soever they may be, whether clerics 45 26,3| of profession.~No Regular soever, who shall pretend that 46 26,3| religious virgins and widows soever, even though living under 47 26,3| Jerusalem, and by what name soever they may be designated, 48 26,4| regards all manner of persons soever, even though distinguished 49 26,4| the church, by what name soever he may be designated, the 50 26,4| gratuitously, by all those soever to whom that dispensation 51 26,4| malediction ; any privilege soever, or evil custom, though 52 26,7| irreverence, or from what soever other source, since, by 53 27 | grade, order and dignity soever, they may be, even though 54 27 | any one, by what authority soever, is, notwithstanding, null

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