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thereof- 1
thereon 9
thereto 9
thereunto 49
thereupon 13
therewith 10
these 105
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50 princes
50 virtue
49 form
49 thereunto
49 use
49 well
48 iv

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | rash daring go contrary thereunto. But if any one shall presume 2 6,2| bishop himself, by assigning thereunto the fruits of some simple 3 8,1| do not place an obstacle thereunto; as though they were merely 4 8,1| accord to submit themselves thereunto; let him be anathema. ~CANON 5 8,1| vicars; who shall be deputed thereunto with a portion, to be assigned 6 8,1| vicars) shall be deputed thereunto by those Ordinaries, with 7 8,1| souls, if such be annexed thereunto, or of other services due 8 8,3| though with merits unequal thereunto, account it a part of our 9 8,3| and changed, and to summon thereunto the prelates and other members 10 8,3| mentioned above, and the things thereunto necessary and suitable in 11 11,2| rash daring go contrary thereunto. But if any one shall presume 12 15,1| their sins committed, flee thereunto. Furthermore, one is the 13 15,3| either sex, are not obliged thereunto once a year, conformably 14 15,5| and ought to be, compelled thereunto, by suspension from their 15 15,5| inconvenience to such as are subject thereunto; the benefices of one diocese, 16 17,2| rash daring go contrary thereunto. But if any one shall presume 17 22,1| institution and delivery tend thereunto, that all the faithful of 18 22,2| but due attention be paid thereunto in all things; the holy 19 23,3| the honour and cult due thereunto may, for the glory of God 20 23,4| rendered to others deputed thereunto, in that case the Ordinary 21 24,1| whatsoever things are contrary thereunto, in express and specific 22 24,2| no one shall be admitted thereunto, whom the promise of knowledge 23 24,2| is not to be reputed fit thereunto, unless he either holds 24 25,4| who shall be constrained thereunto by their bishops, if need 25 25,4| only, or by persons deputed thereunto by the provincial Council. ~ 26 25,4| Oblates, or as attached thereunto in some other way, or under 27 25,4| Chapter, either to unite thereunto certain simple benefices, 28 25,4| a Vicar is to be deputed thereunto by the Bishop, until it 29 25,4| shall seem best adapted thereunto; and they shall all swear 30 25,4| whom it belongs to collate thereunto. But, if the church be under 31 25,4| patronage, and the institution thereunto belongs to the bishop, and 32 25,4| above, by those deputed thereunto, and not be admitted, unless 33 25,4| afterwards happen to depute thereunto, shall not be removed from 34 25,5| other matters which relate thereunto. And if it shall seem advisable, 35 26,3| at pleasure, be deputed thereunto, save with the consent of 36 26,3| vicar, or some one deputed thereunto by them, and at their expense,-- 37 26,3| been compelled or enticed thereunto, or knows what she is doing; 38 26,3| counsel, aid, or countenance thereunto ; and those also who, knowing 39 26,3| for a Regular successor thereunto,--either to make, within 40 26,4| moves the mind of the bishop thereunto, after the cause has been 41 26,4| obligations are attached thereunto, they shall not be derogated 42 26,4| if any there be belonging thereunto, as also the administration 43 26,4| to the persons who belong thereunto. But all and singular these 44 26,4| bound, they may be compelled thereunto not only by ecclesiastical 45 26,4| free, by those who collate thereunto; and such appointment shall 46 26,4| who are otherwise suited thereunto; that, to them also, besides 47 26,4| whatever persuaded any one thereunto, as also the spectators 48 27 | at length brought relief thereunto by a suitable and wished-for 49 27 | rash daring go contrary thereunto. But if any one shall presume

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