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difficulty 8
dignitaries 2
dignities 28
dignity 43
dignity-to 1
diligence 6
diligent 10
Frequency    [«  »]
44 wherein
44 whole
43 come
43 dignity
43 ever
43 greater
43 letters

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | of the times, to our own dignity and liberty, that of this 2 1 | was later to bring both dignity and numbers to the council, 3 1 | Catholic truth, nor our own dignity and that of the Apostolic 4 1 | prince with prudence and dignity. But above all, let this-- 5 7,2| If any one, by whatsoever dignity, degree, and pre-eminence 6 8,1| No one, by whatsoever dignity, grade, or pre-eminence 7 10,1| mature deliberation, with due dignity and gravity, (the Synod) 8 14,3| constituted in ecclesiastical dignity, who are of weight by their 9 15,2| age, or the foremost in dignity amongst the people, but, 10 15,5| over him, to aspire to the dignity of a more exalted degree; 11 15,5| shall not avail any, of what dignity and condition soever, even 12 15,5| little account of their own dignity, and of the clerical honour, 13 15,5| suitable to their order and dignity, and in conformity with 14 15,5| of benefice whatever and dignity,-the case shall be committed 15 15,5| though he be of episcopal dignity, who may have by privilege 16 15,5| ecclesiastical or Secular dignity, can, or ought to, obtain, 17 17,2| constituted in ecclesiastical dignity. Wherefore, let no one infringe 18 22,2| maintained according to their dignity, the bishops, even as the 19 22,2| whatsoever degree, estate, and dignity, or any customs, even though 20 23,3| which are alien from the dignity of so great a sacrifice; 21 23,4| which he who holds that dignity is willing to take upon 22 23,4| or layman, by whatsoever dignity pre-eminent, be he even 23 24,2| of whatsoever quality and dignity they may be, or even prestimonies, 24 25,3| married, of whatsoever state, dignity, and condition they may 25 25,3| all, of whatsoever grade, dignity, and condition they may 26 25,4| henceforth be received to a dignity, canonry, or portion, but 27 25,4| sacred order which that dignity, prebend, or portion requires, 28 25,4| correspond with the episcopal dignity, nor suffice for the necessities 29 25,4| and be suitable to the dignity of the church; any constitutions 30 25,4| even though it be by the dignity of the Cardinalate,-ordain, 31 26,3| Regulars, or with whatsoever dignity invested, who shall, in 32 26,4| ecclesiastical judges, of whatsoever dignity they may be, that, both 33 26,4| which comports with their dignity; and in choir, in the chapter, 34 26,4| and religious body, and dignity they may be, be they even 35 26,4| of whatsoever order and dignity they may be, be they (the 36 26,4| church, or benefice, or dignity; and they shall restore 37 26,4| God, and to maintain the dignity of their own pastors who 38 26,4| Bishops shall maintain their dignity; nor conduct themseIves 39 26,4| disgrace the pontifical dignity; comporting themselves with 40 26,4| authority of the episcopal dignity, enjoin, that henceforth 41 26,4| of whatsoever state and dignity they be, that, the more 42 27 | estate, grade, order and dignity soever, they may be, even 43 27 | constituted in ecclesiastical dignity. Let no one, therefore,

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