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instituted 36
institutes 6
instituting 1
institution 41
institutions 4
institutor 1
instru- 1
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41 blessed
41 councils
41 doctrine
41 institution
41 justice
41 lawfully
41 nothing

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| REFORMATION CHAPTER I. ~On the Institution of a Lectureship of Sacred 2 14,1| II. ~On the reason of the Institution of this most holy Sacrament. ~ 3 15,1| the necessity, and on the institution of the Sacrament of Penance. ~ 4 15,1| who, in opposition to the institution of this sacrament, falsely 5 15,1| inasmuch as they are, by God's institution, required in the penitent 6 15,1| On Confession. ~From the institution of the sacrament of Penance 7 15,1| imagining, contrary to the institution of this sacrament, that 8 15,2| therefore, as regards its institution, It declares and teaches, 9 15,2| CHAPTER I. ~On the Institution of the Sacrament of Extreme 10 15,3| wrests them, contrary to the institution of this sacra ment, to the 11 15,3| observe, is alien from the institution and command of Christ, and 12 15,3| keys, and contrary to the institution of Christ, when they impose 13 15,5| foundation or endowment, the institution thereof shall be reserved 14 15,5| otherwise the Presentation and Institution shall be null. ~Furthermore, 15 15,5| the providing for, or the institution to, the said benefice would, 16 15,5| otherwise the presentation and institution, which may have followed, 17 22,1| wine; not therefore do that institution and delivery tend thereunto, 18 22,1| Church be bound, by the institution of the Lord, to receive 19 22,1| received, according to the institution of Christ himself, under 20 23,1| CHAPTER I. ~On the institution of the most holy Sacrifice 21 23,2| that it is contrary to the institution of Christ; let him be anathema. ~ 22 23,4| confraternity, charitable institution called mont-de-piete, and 23 23,4| should happen that, in the institution and regulations of any church 24 24,1| TIME. ~CHAPTER I. ~On the institution of the Priesthood of the 25 24,1| Church has received, from the institution of Christ, the holy visible 26 24,2| advance so pious and holy an institution. And forasmuch as some certain 27 24,2| by reason of which the institution, or maintenance of the said 28 25,4| competent to do this by the institution, or foundation; but the 29 25,4| election, presentation, institution, confirmation, collation, 30 25,4| ecclesiastical patronage, and the institution thereunto belongs to the 31 25,4| bishop, that he may receive institution from him: but when the institution 32 25,4| institution from him: but when the institution is to proceed from any other 33 25,4| present to him unto whom the institution belongs. ~But if it be under 34 26,4| is alien from this holy institution, and which does not manifest 35 26,4| case, in the foundation, or institution thereof; in which event, 36 26,4| received contrary to the institution of the said hospitals; which 37 26,4| intentions of the faithful in the institution thereof, so also neither 38 26,4| they be not fit. But if the institution belong to inferior (ecclesiastics), 39 26,4| holy Synod; otherwise the institution made by those inferiors 40 26,4| which, by their original institution, or in any other way whatever, 41 26,4| wherein, contrary to the institution or foundation thereof, the

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