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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 7,1| mean, that nothing else is required to co-operate in order to 2 7,2| sheep, whose blood will be required at their hands, by the Supreme 3 8,1| sacraments, there is not required the intention at least of 4 14,3| according to the Canons, required; and whereas, should there 5 14,3| in a specific number, is required by the Canons; taking, however, 6 15,1| are, by God's institution, required in the penitent for the 7 15,1| the other things which are required for rightly receiving this 8 15,1| the Church nothing else is required of penitents, but that, 9 15,3| remission of sins, there are required three acts in the penitent, 10 15,3| confession of the penitent is not required, in order that the priest 11 17,1| state of the times has so required, It decrees that the progress 12 17,2| as the duty of our office required, to apply our care and thoughts 13 22,2| also that all other duties required of them, be rightly exercised; 14 22,2| observed, the manner of life required by the institutes of their 15 23,4| and, in other respects, as required by the sacred canons, but 16 23,4| discharge all the other duties required of them in the divine service, 17 24,1| magistrate whatsoever, is required in such wise as that, without 18 24,1| ordination, is not only not required, but is to be despised and 19 24,2| age of fourteen years is required for an ecclesiastical benfice; 20 24,2| otherwise. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Age required for the major orders; the 21 24,2| XIII. ~On the conditions required in the Ordination of a Subdeacon 22 25,3| neglected the solemnities required in contracting matrimony, 23 25,4| will totter, if what is required in the body be not found 24 25,4| qualifications, are such as are required by the sacred canons, and 25 25,4| with the qualifications required by law, and by this holy 26 25,4| the same are also to be required in the creation of cardinals-even 27 25,4| to restore the discipline required for the government of the 28 26,3| have the qualifications required by the rule of that convent 29 26,4| great a number of masses is required to be celebrated on account 30 26,4| certain qualifications are required, or certain obligations 31 26,4| of this holy Synod, are required in bishops and prelates, 32 26,4| and the other (proofs) required by law; or, also, by repeated 33 26,4| and exact proof shall be required to establish a true title; 34 26,4| have the qualifications required by the constitution of Boniface

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