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propagation 2
proper 36
properly 13
property 33
prophet 3
prophets 4
propitiator 1
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33 month
33 moreover
33 often
33 property
33 reason
33 taken
33 until

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 8,1| assigned even upon a specific property. ~Ecclesiastical Benefices 2 8,1| assigned even upon a specific property; no appeals, privileges, 3 15,5| quasi-possession, of their goods, property, and rights, without suffering 4 16,2| without injury done to their property, or to the honour also and 5 19,3| without injury done to their property, or to the honour also and 6 23,4| shall acquire no manner of property therein, but it shall be 7 23,4| CHAPTER XI. ~Usurpers of the property of any Church, or pious 8 23,4| whatsoever,--the jurisdictions, property, rents, and rights, even 9 23,4| thereof, the jurisdictions, property, effects, rights, fruits, 10 24,2| one incurs, he acquires no property in any fruits, in proportion 11 25,4| revenues arising from landed property, or from buildings, excepting 12 25,4| stewards to take care of the property and revenues of the church, 13 25,4| parties shall truly prove his property in the presence of the bishop, 14 26,3| needs fall. ~CHAPTER II. ~Property is wholly prohibited to 15 26,3| name of the convent, any property moveable or immoveable, 16 26,3| Superiors to allow any real property to any Regular, not even 17 26,3| the administration of the property of monasteries, or of convents, 18 26,3| be able to possess real property: the number of persons therein 19 26,3| permits that henceforth real property may be possessed by all 20 26,3| authority to possess such property, have been stripped thereof, 21 26,3| or do not possess, real property, such a number of inmates 22 26,3| innovated. No part of the property of a Novice shall be given 23 26,3| the monastery out of the property of the same, either by parents, 24 26,3| power of possessing real property in common. And forasmuch 25 26,4| or domestics out of the property of the Church. ~It is to 26 26,4| give to their kindred the property of the church, which belongs 27 26,4| execution can be made on property or person, censures are 28 26,4| execution on the person or property can, in each stage of the 29 26,4| administration of their property, shall be left wholly unimpaired 30 26,4| leases of Ecclesiastical Property or rights are prohibited; 31 26,4| upon churches, when the property thereof is, to the prejudice 32 26,4| who give them, usurp the property of another. Wherefore, the 33 26,4| confiscation of all their property, and of perpetual infamy,

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