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dukes 4
during 53
duties 9
duty 32
dwell 3
dwelling 1
each 99
Frequency    [«  »]
33 until
32 again
32 confession
32 duty
32 far
32 like
32 marriage

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | and other Fathers whose duty it is to assist thereat, 2 6,2| some other incompatible duty is not attached, be understood 3 6,2| benefice be not deprived of the duty due to it,--or let some 4 6,2| whereas this is the principal duty of bishops; the same holy 5 6,2| neglect to discharge this duty,--even though he may plead, 6 6,2| shall neglect this their duty for the space of three months, 7 6,2| repenting shall fulfil his own duty. ~But should there be found 8 8,1| aside. ~CHAPTER IX. ~The duty of consecration not to be 9 15,5| cure of souls, of their duty. ~Whereas it is properly 10 17,2| correction; we began, as the duty of our office required, 11 17,2| without denial or delay, their duty to God and the Church at 12 22,2| subject to them, in their duty. And if, after having been 13 23,4| personally to discharge the duty that devolves upon them, 14 24,2| suffragan bishop, whose duty it shall also be to approve 15 24,2| their share; it will be the duty of the archbishop sharply 16 25,4| solicitude, which, by the duty of his office, he owes to 17 25,4| parents, by those whose duty it is, and who shall be 18 25,4| people whom they rule in duty and obedience, shall, in 19 25,4| whatever. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~What duty devolves on the Chapter 20 25,4| in those places where the duty of receiving the fruits 21 25,4| chapters; it shall be the duty of the bishop, at once, 22 25,4| faithfully perform their duty. And they shall beware of 23 25,4| anything contrary to their duty. ~Then, after the examination 24 26,3| extraordinary one, whose duty it shall be to hear the 25 26,4| ecclesiastical benefices, and whose duty it is to be present at the 26 26,4| keeping the people in their duty, yet it is to be used with 27 26,4| willing to undertake the duty; whereby the pious intentions 28 26,4| they execute the charge and duty imposed upon them, and that 29 26,4| really to discharge the duty of hospitality, complying 30 26,4| Christian charity, and the duty which they owe to their 31 26,4| also be admonished of their duty; trusting that they,--as 32 26,4| one herein discharge his duty carefully ; that so the

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