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Alphabetical    [«  »]
grieve 2
grieved 2
grieving 1
grievous 26
grievously 4
grievousness 4
groaneth 1
Frequency    [«  »]
26 ancient
26 blood
26 eternal
26 grievous
26 human
26 long
26 metropolitan

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


   Document,  Part
1 1 | day and night, and those grievous solicitudes, which we have 2 5,2| fictitious, and what is more grievous still, without the author' 3 7,1| shipwreck of many souls, and grievous detriment to the unity of 4 7,1| by any other sin, however grievous and enormous, save by that 5 14,1| heresies, and the other most grievous troubles with which the 6 14,3| clerics are, on account of grievous crimes, to be degraded from 7 14,3| And whereas crimes so grievous are sometimes committed 8 14,3| they shall be subjected to grievous punishments. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~ 9 15,1| sins, might indeed seem a grievous thing, were it not alleviated 10 15,1| special judgment, certain more grievous cases of crimes. Neither 11 15,1| therefrom, thinking sins less grievous, we, offering as it were 12 15,1| Ghost, should fall into more grievous sins, treasuring up wrath 13 15,1| very light works for very grievous crimes, they be made partakers 14 15,2| themselves whole from every more grievous spiritual evil, so did He 15 15,5| two dioceses, not without grievous inconvenience to such as 16 17,1| absent by reason of a most grievous illness,--doubts not that 17 17,2| end may be put to these so grievous evils of the Church. We, 18 23,4| which in them would be most grievous; that so their actions may 19 23,4| penalties, and others even more grievous, which may be imposed at 20 24,2| dimissory letters; a more grievous penalty is enacted against 21 25,3| it takes into account the grievous sins which arise from the 22 25,3| severely punished. ~It is a grievous sin for unmarried men to 23 25,3| concubines; but it is a most grievous sin, and one committed in 24 25,4| moved by the so many most grievous afflictions of the Church, 25 25,4| with in some places, more grievous quarrels and tumults may 26 27 | appointed, and others more grievous, even those of deprivaiton,

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