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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 Intro, A,3| on the Apostolic Sacred Tradition. The truths~of faith which 2 Intro, A,3| and the Apostolic Sacred Tradition give the~fullness of the 3 Intro, A,3| truths of Scripture and Tradition, harmoniously fused together 4 Intro, A,4| scholars who, according to tradition, were sent from~Jerusalem 5 Intro, A,4| only that they are in the tradition handed down from the~Apostles ( 6 Intro, A,5| Sacred tradition.~In the original precise 7 Intro, A,5| meaning of the word, Sacred Tradition is the tradition which comes~ 8 Intro, A,5| Sacred Tradition is the tradition which comes~from the ancient 9 Intro, A,5| was called~“the Apostolic Tradition.”~One must keep in mind 10 Intro, A,5| of the Sacred Apostolic~Tradition: “Of the dogmas and sermons 11 Intro, A,5| received from the Apostolic Tradition, handed~down in secret. 12 Intro, A,5| not the silent and secret tradition? And what more? What written 13 Intro, A,5| first, that the Sacred Tradition of~the teaching of faith 14 Intro, A,5| of examples of the “oral tradition,” he himself in~this very 15 Intro, A,5| century, almost all of the tradition in general~received a written 16 Intro, A,5| find this sacred ancient Tradition~• in the most ancient record 17 Intro, A,5| Apostles.~The Apostolic Tradition which has been preserved 18 Intro, A,5| the Church, becomes the Tradition of the Church herself, it “ 19 Intro, A,5| is called by her, “Sacred Tradition.”~The witness of Sacred 20 Intro, A,5| The witness of Sacred Tradition is indispensable for our 21 Intro, A,5| Apostolic origin.~Sacred Tradition is necessary for the correct 22 Intro, A,5| interpretations of it.~Finally, Sacred Tradition is also necessary because 23 Intro, A,5| by the Sacred Apostolic Tradition.~The Apostle commands, “ 24 Intro, A,5| Thus, the preservation of “Traditionexpresses the succession~ 25 Intro, A,6| Scripture and Sacred Apostolic Tradition. This catholic consciousness 26 Intro, A,6| some aspect of the Church's Tradition — are rejected~by the same 27 Intro, A,6| Scripture and the catholic Tradition of the Church. For this 28 Intro, A,6| authoritative, Ecumenical and~Sacred Tradition of the Church, founded upon 29 Intro, A,6| Scripture and Apostolic Tradition.~Of course, many truths 30 Intro, A,8| distinguish the authentic Tradition of the Church from false 31 Intro, A,8| Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and also brought forth 32 Intro, C | that follows~the Ecumenical Tradition. The Church’s labor of instructing 33 Intro, C | Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. In the teaching of the 34 Intro, C,2| Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. The natural sciences~are 35 I, 1,5 | Scripture and in Sacred Tradition,~the preservation, instruction, 36 I, 2,4 | the world, the power of Tradition is the same. None of the~ 37 I, 2,4 | unskilled~in words, weaken the Tradition.”~Defending the catholic 38 I, 2,7 | with the universal Sacred~Tradition of the Church; and it does 39 I, 2,7 | agree with the most ancient tradition of the~Local Church of Rome.~ 40 I, 2,9 | Jesus Christ.~As for Sacred Tradition, it contains entirely clear 41 II, 3,5 | Apart from this, pious tradition ascribes names to two other 42 II, 6,2 | and-most important of all — the tradition of a coming Redeemer of 43 II, 6,4 | generally accepted Orthodox tradition is that the “brothers” and “ 44 II, 6,4 | accordance with the Apostolic Tradition,~had taught that the Mother 45 II, 6,4 | Rom. 2:11).~As for the tradition concerning the assumption 46 II, 6,4 | accordance with ancient tradition, the body of the Mother 47 II, 6,4 | The Church, accepting the tradition of the ascension of the 48 II, 6,4 | does not regard this pious tradition as one of the fundamental 49 II, 6,6 | conversation received by tradition from your fathers, but with 50 II, 7,3 | Church consciousness~and tradition; it tears away the Church 51 II, 7,5 | with anciently established tradition. Moreover, life~shows us 52 II, 7,5 | Sacred~Scripture and Sacred Tradition, is to be contrasted with 53 II, 8,3 | according to the command and tradition of Christ,”~or as a testimony 54 II, 8,9 | is, according~to ancient tradition, poured cross-form over 55 II, 9,5 | the virtually universal tradition of the Orthodox~Church of 56 II, 9,6 | times, following Sacred Tradition, has shown honor to holy 57 App, 1 | Sacred Scripture and the Tradition~of the Church, with the 58 App, 1 | their confirmation in Church Tradition, in declaring them obligatory 59 App, 2 | Sacred Scripture and~Sacred Tradition. The fundamental character 60 App, 2 | of Sacred Scripture and Tradition depends on our~faith in 61 App, 5,6 | millennium have followed the tradition of the Church~of the first

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