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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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1 Intro, A,1| The concern of the Church for the purity of Christian 2 Intro, A,1| her existence, the Holy Church of Christ has ceaselessly 3 Intro, A,1| Paul), but to the whole Church or to believers in general.)~ 4 Intro, A,1| preserved in the history of the~Church, from of old was called 5 Intro, A,1| Christian Divine services, the Church~has been inseparable from 6 Intro, A,1| and in the Fathers of the Church both of the East and of 7 Intro, A,1| with the history of the Church, and likewise observing 8 Intro, A,2| right path of faith, the Church has had to forge strict 9 Intro, A,2| influences~foreign to the Church. The definitions of truth 10 Intro, A,2| of truth declared by the Church have been called,~since 11 Intro, A,3| Fathers and Teachers of the Church,~but, rather, on the teaching 12 Intro, A,3| the ancient Fathers of the Church the “catholic~faith,” the “ 13 Intro, A,3| catholic teaching” of the Church. (In such phrases the word “ 14 Intro, A,3| universal” as~referring to the Church of all times, peoples, and 15 Intro, A,3| catholic” in the early Church was given by St. Vincent 16 Intro, A,3| ch. 2, Fathers of the Church edition, p. 270). The name 17 Intro, A,3| in the “Roman Catholicchurch, but the teaching of the 18 Intro, A,3| the teaching of the early Church has been preserved in the~ 19 Intro, A,3| preserved in the~Orthodox Church, which even to this day 20 Intro, A,3| catholic consciousness” of the Church, a consciousness that is 21 Intro, A,4| of the New Testament.~The Church recognizes 38 books of the 22 Intro, A,4| example of the Old Testament~Church (Although the Church in 23 Intro, A,4| Testament~Church (Although the Church in the strict sense was 24 Intro, A,4| was in a certain sense a “Church” in the Old Testament also, 25 Intro, A,4| to this day the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast days 26 Intro, A,4| the word in the Orthodox Church, where it refers not~to 27 Intro, A,4| canons” or laws proclaimed at church councils. In the latter 28 Intro, A,4| in accordance with the Church's canons.” But in the former, 29 Intro, A,4| but still accepted~by the Church as Scripture). In the Protestant 30 Intro, A,4| books. In the Roman Catholic Church since the 16th century the “ 31 Intro, A,4| accepted by the Orthodox Church are those of the “Septuagint” — 32 Intro, A,4| Bel and the Dragon).) The Church accepts~these latter books 33 Intro, A,4| calledecclesiastical.”~The Church includes these books in 34 Intro, A,4| teaching of the faith, the Church puts them in a secondary 35 Intro, A,4| successors and given official Church approval at the Quinsext 36 Intro, A,4| approval at the Quinsext church Council (in Trullo) in 692~ 37 Intro, A,4| respected in the ancient~Church; but a distinction between 38 Intro, A,4| always been maintained in the Church.~ ~The Church recognizes 39 Intro, A,4| maintained in the Church.~ ~The Church recognizes twenty-seven 40 Intro, A,4| Fathers and teachers of the Church during~the first centuries 41 Intro, A,4| Apostles. The Fathers of the Church frequently entered certain~ 42 Intro, A,4| the universal~voice of the Church. The local Council of Carthage 43 Intro, A,4| distinction between them in the~Church. The same complete listing 44 Intro, A,4| catholic voice of the whole Church. This Sacred Scripture, 45 Intro, A,5| which comes~from the ancient Church of Apostolic times. In the 46 Intro, A,5| in mind that the ancient Church carefully guarded the inward 47 Intro, A,5| guarded the inward life of the~Church from those outside of her; 48 Intro, A,5| Eucharist — those outside~the Church were not present; the order 49 Intro, A,5| those who are without (the church). For we are giving to you 50 Intro, A,5| a degree in the Orthodox Church. The exclamation,~“Catechumens 51 Intro, A,5| actually told to leave the church at this time. (In some~churches 52 Intro, A,5| in the back part of the church, in the narthex, but can 53 Intro, A,5| reverence which the ancient Church showed for the Christian 54 Intro, A,5| those who, being outside the Church~and uncommitted to Christianity, 55 Intro, A,5| to join themselves~to the Church.)~In the following words 56 Intro, A,5| sermons preserved in the Church, certain ones we have~from 57 Intro, A,5| informed in the decrees of the Church will contradict this. For 58 Intro, A,5| the earliest period of the Church, and,~second, that it was 59 Intro, A,5| Fathers and~teachers of the Church during the epoch of the 60 Intro, A,5| freedom and triumph of the Church in the fourth century, almost 61 Intro, A,5| in the literature of the Church, which comprises a~supplement 62 Intro, A,5| most ancient record of the Church, the Canons of the Holy 63 Intro, A,5| records of the history of the Church, especially in the book 64 Intro, A,5| Eusebius: The History of the Church from~Christ to Constantine, 65 Intro, A,5| Fathers and teachers of the Church;~• and, finally, in the 66 Intro, A,5| in the very spirit of the Church's life, in the preservation 67 Intro, A,5| preserved and guarded by the Church, by the very fact~that it 68 Intro, A,5| it has been kept by the Church, becomes the Tradition of 69 Intro, A,5| becomes the Tradition of the Church herself, it “belongs” to~ 70 Intro, A,5| see how the whole order of~Church organization, the canons, 71 Intro, A,5| way of life of the ancient Church. Thus, the preservation 72 Intro, A,5| the very essence of the Church.~ 73 Intro, A,6| catholic consciousness of the Church.~The orthodox church of 74 Intro, A,6| the Church.~The orthodox church of Christ is the Body of 75 Intro, A,6| consciousness is always with the~Church, but, in a more definite 76 Intro, A,6| Ecumenical Councils~of the Church. From profound Christian 77 Intro, A,6| often in the history of the Church there were councils of regional 78 Intro, A,6| bishops of the whole Orthodox~Church of both East and West. Such 79 Intro, A,6| Ecumenical Councils the Church recognizes as seven in~number. 80 Intro, A,6| ancient teaching of the Church~against the distortions 81 Intro, A,6| public and private Christian church life, which are called the 82 Intro, A,6| life, which are called the Church canons,~and required the 83 Intro, A,6| by certain Fathers of the Church — for example, the confession 84 Intro, A,6| When in the history of the Church it happened that councils 85 Intro, A,6| catholic consciousness of the Church was disturbed~and was not 86 Intro, A,6| truth — are accepted by the Church's catholic~consciousness; 87 Intro, A,6| reject some aspect of the Church's Tradition — are rejected~ 88 Intro, A,6| consciousness. The Orthodox Church is the Church, not of “councils” 89 Intro, A,6| The Orthodox Church is the Church, not of “councils” as such, 90 Intro, A,6| Spirit, which conform to the Church's catholic consciousness.) 91 Intro, A,6| that the councils of the Church made their dogmatic decrees 92 Intro, A,6| testifying that the Ecumenical Church has understood the cited 93 Intro, A,6| catholic Tradition of the Church. For this reason these~ ~ 94 Intro, A,6| Sacred Tradition of the Church, founded upon the facts 95 Intro, A,6| Liturgy of the Orthodox Church and read at several~other 96 Intro, A,6| the holy Fathers of the Church, are acknowledged as a guide 97 Intro, A,6| as a guide for the~Whole Church and are numbered in the 98 Intro, A,6| accepted in the Orthodox Church as a continuation of those 99 Intro, A,7| prescriptions: relating to church order, church government, 100 Intro, A,7| relating to church order, church government, the obligations 101 Intro, A,7| the obligations of~the church hierarchy and clergy and 102 Intro, A,8| authentic Tradition of the Church from false teachings, we 103 Intro, A,8| the holy Fathers of the Church, acknowledging that the 104 Intro, A,8| Fathers and teachers of the Church in teaching of the Faith 105 Intro, A,8| Fathers or teachers of the Church on questions which have 106 Intro, A,8| and accepted by the whole Church. However, these opinions 107 Intro, A,8| general catholic faith of the Church,~and are not accepted as 108 Intro, A,8| Council as contradicting the Church's~“catholic consciousness,” 109 Intro, A,8| Augustine in the Orthodox Church” in The Orthodox~Word, 1978, 110 Intro, A,9| Catholic consciousness of the Church, where it concerns the teaching 111 Intro, A,9| to us by the Ecumenical~Church. By entering deeply into 112 Intro, A,9| teaching of the Orthodox Church. (It should be noted that 113 Intro, A,9| Apostles and Fathers of the Church, both in the sphere of dogma 114 Intro, A,9| have imprinted upon the Church a single faith which, bearing 115 Intro, B,1| theology of the Russian Church also makes use, as symbolical 116 Intro, B,1| received from the Anglican Church, was sent to that~church 117 Intro, B,1| Church, was sent to that~church in the name of all the Eastern 118 Intro, B,1| importance in~the Russian Church, particularly the part which 119 Intro, B,2| Fathers and teachers of the Church up to the eighth century.~ 120 Intro, C | The dogmatic labor of the Church has always been directed 121 Intro, C | have been confessed by the Church~from the beginning. This 122 Intro, C | Ecumenical Tradition. The Church’s labor of instructing in 123 Intro, C | confirm the correctness of the Church's teaching, founding it~ 124 Intro, C | thinking of the Fathers of the~Church in an historical sequence. 125 Intro, C | the holy Fathers of the Church on every subject~confirms 126 Intro, C,2| according to the~rules of the Church and not of the marketplace” ( 127 I, 1,3 | The power of faith.~The Church of Christ is founded upon 128 I, 1,4 | 21). The history of the Church of Christ is~filled with 129 I, 1,5 | rejoicing in the peace of the~Church, undertake refined researches 130 I, 1,5 | and concern of the holy~Church of Christ.~But even within 131 I, 1,5 | guidance~of the Fathers of the Church, while watching ourselves 132 I, 1,5 | God is expressed by the Church, in the Divine~Services: “ 133 I, 1,5 | reason,~the Fathers of the Church showed that there is a degree 134 I, 1,6 | did the Fathers of the Church say that it “in some~fashion” ( 135 I, 1,6 | created, the Fathers of the Church applied to the existence 136 I, 1,8 | Catechism of the Orthodox Church (English translation (reprinted 137 I, 1,8 | Catechism of the Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Books, 138 I, 1,9 | Chapter 11; The Fathers of the~Church translation, pp. 191-193).~ 139 I, 1,12 | Fathers and teachers of the Church, following the word of God, 140 I, 1,18 | different in the early Christian~Church, when this truth had to 141 I, 1,18 | expressed by one of the ancient Church writers~in the words “If 142 I, 2,1 | the great dogmas of the Church are~founded immediately 143 I, 2,1 | now used in the Orthodox Church, as well as all the private~ 144 I, 2,1 | by the shepherds of the Church.~Because the dogma of the 145 I, 2,1 | the history of~the ancient Church was as intense as that over 146 I, 2,1 | inseparable worship. In the Church Fathers~and the Divine services, 147 I, 2,1 | unto the ages.~Amen”).~The Church, addressing the All-Holy 148 I, 2,1 | nature of this dogma, the Church of Christ sees in it a great~ 149 I, 2,1 | as it is expressed in the Church's~prayer, the Foundation 150 I, 2,2 | addition, the Fathers of the Church see an indirect reference 151 I, 2,4 | Holy Trinity in the Ancient Church.~The Church of Christ in 152 I, 2,4 | the Ancient Church.~The Church of Christ in all of its 153 I, 2,4 | Holy Trinity: “Although the Church is dispersed throughout 154 I, 2,4 | preaching and such a faith, the Church, although it is dispersed~ 155 I, 2,4 | Fathers and teachers of the Church~concerning the fact that 156 I, 2,4 | concerning the fact that the Church from the first days of her 157 I, 2,4 | Great, and others).~The Church, however, has experienced 158 I, 2,4 | the dogmatic aim of the Church was to find such precise 159 I, 2,4 | understandable, the Fathers of~the Church used comparisons from nature. 160 I, 2,6 | ideas of the Fathers of the Church were based upon the use 161 I, 2,6 | course, the Fathers of the Church, as well as the Apostle 162 I, 2,7 | was distorted in the Latin Church by the creation of a teaching 163 I, 2,7 | teaching from the Roman Church.~The Latin dogma of the 164 I, 2,7 | the Holy Fathers of the Church in favor of the Orthodox 165 I, 2,7 | recent times, the Roman Church, out of “missionary” aims, 166 I, 2,7 | Sacred~Tradition of the Church; and it does not even agree 167 I, 2,7 | ancient tradition of the~Local Church of Rome.~In their defense, 168 I, 2,7 | the Holy Fathers of the Church~passages where often there 169 I, 2,7 | The Holy Fathers of the Church~could not possibly place 170 I, 2,7 | Therefore, when~certain Church Fathers use the expression “ 171 I, 2,7 | Himself. When the Eastern Church first noticed a distortion 172 I, 2,7 | teaching of~the Eastern Church concerning the procession 173 I, 2,7 | introducing a new dogma the Roman Church violated the~decree of the 174 I, 2,7 | final form. Thus, the Roman Church also performed a serious~ 175 I, 2,7 | even though sometimes our church writers also follow~the 176 I, 2,7 | a dogma of the Orthodox Church; it is only an explanatory 177 I, 2,7 | teaching~of the Orthodox Church in essence is different 178 I, 2,8 | heretics in the history of the Church of Christ who have denied 179 I, 2,8 | world.~In the history of the Church, the chief dogmatic work 180 I, 2,9 | Christian times, until the Church's faith in the Oneness of 181 I, 2,9 | happened that even those church writers who were careful 182 I, 2,9 | universal consciousness of the Church and had no intention to 183 I, 2,9 | term some shepherds of~the Church placed one meaning and others, 184 I, 2,9 | strong disturbances in the Church. Such, for example, were 185 I, 2,9 | chief hierarchies of the Church unanimously expressed the 186 I, 2,9 | the great Fathers of the Church of the 4th century and part 187 I, 2,9 | Arians, the Fathers of the Church did not overlook a single~ 188 I, 2,9 | Apostle, the Fathers~of the Church express this condition by 189 I, 2,9 | you bishops, to feed the Church of God, which He hath purchased 190 I, 2,9 | of Nicaea in every Local~Church;~2) The Confessions of Faith 191 I, 2,9 | council by the pastors of the church prior to the 4th century; 192 I, 2,9 | and the teachers of the Church during the first centuries;~ 193 I, 2,10 | the history of the ancient Church, whenever heretics tried 194 I, 2,10 | heresy were Fathers of the Church like~Sts. Basil the Great, 195 I, 2,10 | confirm the teaching of the Church~that the Holy Spirit is 196 I, 2,11 | in prayer,~being in the Church of Christ, to the degree 197 II, 3,2 | God, the Fathers of the Church note, we must understand 198 II, 3,2 | 2, ch. 2; Fathers of the Church tr., p. 205).~Thus, although 199 II, 3,2 | philosophical-theological currents.~The Holy Church, being guided by the indications 200 II, 3,3 | expressed~by the Fathers of the Church. Blessed Theodoret writes, “ 201 II, 3,4 | God and the Fathers of the Church teach that everything created 202 II, 3,5 | 16). The Fathers of the Church understand~the wordheaven,” 203 II, 3,5 | Jude, v. 9).~The Orthodox Church, guided by the views of 204 II, 3,5 | the ancient writers of the Church and the~Church Fathers, 205 II, 3,5 | writers of the Church and the~Church Fathers, and in particular 206 II, 3,5 | on the life of the early Church — though not necessarily 207 II, 3,5 | had the authority in the Church which is enjoyed by other 208 II, 3,5 | limited in the teaching of the Church to nine.~Certain Fathers 209 II, 3,5 | Certain Fathers of the Church express their private pious 210 II, 3,5 | opinion is taken by the Church as a private one.~In general, 211 II, 3,5 | Eerdmans tr., p. 300).~In some Church writers there is to be found 212 II, 3,5 | 11, and 12).~The Orthodox Church believes that every man 213 II, 3,6 | Fathers and teachers of the Church, strictly following the 214 II, 3,6 | simple observation, the Church Fathers show:~a. that it 215 II, 3,6 | Fathers and teachers of the Church point~to the simplicity 216 II, 3,6 | drunkenness — the Fathers of the Church often compare the body to 217 II, 3,6 | of Alexandria), and the Church does not give us a~strictly 218 II, 3,6 | of certain Fathers of the Church (Clement of Alexandria,~ 219 II, 3,6 | teachers and Fathers of the Church (Tertullian, Gregory the 220 II, 3,6 | Fathers and teachers of the Church have unanimously~preached 221 II, 3,6 | in the Orthodox Eastern Church the acknowledgment of the 222 II, 3,6 | teaching and in the life of~the Church. The spirit of the Church 223 II, 3,6 | Church. The spirit of the Church typicon, the content of 224 II, 3,6 | teachers and Fathers of the Church in the first centuries~who 225 II, 3,6 | Fathers and~teachers of the Church directly acknowledge that 226 II, 3,6 | of God in us consist? The Church's teaching tells us only 227 II, 3,6 | Fathers and teachers of the Church have answered this question 228 II, 3,6 | soul — many~Fathers of the Church have considered it necessary 229 II, 3,6 | Fathers and teachers of the Church reply that there is. They 230 II, 5,3 | Gen.~3:1-6).~The Christian Church has always understood the 231 II, 5,3 | of the ancient Christian Church in the existence of original 232 II, 5,3 | original sin may be~seen in the Church's ancient custom of baptizing 233 II, 5,3 | of the ancient Christian Church, Pelagius and his followers 234 II, 5,3 | ancient shepherds~of the Church, (c) the ancient custom 235 II, 5,3 | shepherds of the Eastern Church there have been no doubts 236 II, 5,3 | founding of the Heavenly~Church; that is, until the Resurrection 237 II, 5,3 | doctrine of the Orthodox Church has caused such heated discussions 238 II, 5,3 | the Greek (Old Calendar) Church describes them as follows:~“ 239 II, 6,2 | concern the triumph of the Church: “In~the great church will 240 II, 6,2 | the Church: “In~the great church will I confess Thee... The 241 II, 6,2 | preaching of the Apostles~the Church of Christ was quickly planted 242 II, 6,2 | spreading of faith and the Church of Christ;~• then the promised 243 II, 6,3 | his~Gospel. The Orthodox Church places this account at the 244 II, 6,3 | foundation of the teaching of the Church.~The Lord Jesus Christ: 245 II, 6,3 | foundation or rock of the~Church, according to the Lord’s 246 II, 6,3 | this rock I will build my Church” (Matt.~16:18).~With these 247 II, 6,3 | for the promise that the Church of Christ would be built 248 II, 6,3 | Creed) of the Ecumenical Church.~The human nature of the 249 II, 6,3 | the Holy Fathers of the Church~speak thus: “If the nature 250 II, 6,3 | natures of Jesus Christ.~The Church has always strictly guarded 251 II, 6,3 | renowned Fathers of the Church during the course of the 252 II, 6,3 | But,~as the Fathers of the Church have explained, such a teaching 253 II, 6,3 | the history of the ancient Church, continue to~find refuge 254 II, 6,3 | the Monothelites)~— the Church revealed the dogma of the 255 II, 6,3 | mind that the Councils and Church Fathers had only one aim: 256 II, 6,3 | with His flesh, as the Holy Church~has taught from the beginning: 257 II, 6,3 | spirit and practice of the Church is the cult of the “sacred 258 II, 6,3 | into the Roman Catholic Church. Although the above-cited 259 II, 6,4 | of God). By this name the Church confirms its~faith that 260 II, 6,4 | the first centuries of the Church of Christ the truth of God 261 II, 6,4 | heresy of Nestorius, the Church triumphantly confessed~the 262 II, 6,4 | of~dogmas.” The Orthodox Church does not accept the Latin 263 II, 6,4 | particular, the Orthodox Church, confessing the perfect 264 II, 6,4 | does exist in the Orthodox Church. It is expressed in~the 265 II, 6,4 | century), who~had built a church in Constantinople, asked 266 II, 6,4 | Virgin Mary to place in the church. Juvenalius~replied that, 267 II, 6,4 | ascended to heaven. Written church testimonies~on this subject 268 II, 6,4 | century), and~the Orthodox Church, with all its respect for 269 II, 6,4 | of a~dogmatic source. The Church, accepting the tradition 270 II, 6,4 | established~by the Roman Church the cult of the “immaculate 271 II, 6,5 | foundation of the life of the Church and the future fate of the~ 272 II, 6,6 | the consciousness of the Church this truth is expressed 273 II, 6,6 | all believers. The Holy Church in precisely~the same way 274 II, 6,6 | call the members of the Church in the language of~the Divine 275 II, 6,6 | monastic Saints — a single church~of heaven and earth! It 276 II, 6,6 | salvation of the children of the Church, the slaves of Christ, is 277 II, 6,6 | heavenly-earthly body of the Church of~Christ grows and draws 278 II, 6,7 | and handed~it down to the Church in all times.~The Lord proclaimed 279 II, 6,7 | God and the New Testament Church; concerning the final~General 280 II, 6,7 | called by the Fathers of the Church~“Catholic,” that is, embracing 281 II, 6,7 | the Ever-Virgin Mary, the Church books very~frequently call 282 II, 6,7 | personal God-manhood. If the Church of Christ is called a Divine-Human 283 II, 6,7 | because~the Head of the Church is Christ God, and the body 284 II, 6,7 | God, and the body of the Church is humanity reborn in~Christ. 285 II, 6,8 | Christ is the object of the Church’s~constant triumph, its 286 II, 6,8 | existence of the Heavenly~Church;~c) the sending down of 287 II, 6,8 | and the creation of the Church of Christ on earth.~A. The 288 II, 6,8 | teaching of the Fathers~of the Church, is diverse. Until the coming 289 II, 6,8 | Christ and the triumphant Church.~Before His departure to 290 II, 6,8 | Heavenly Jerusalem,” “the Church of the first-born written 291 II, 6,8 | blessedness of the Heavenly Church of Christ (Heb.~11:39-40). 292 II, 6,8 | is above this world, the~Church of the first-born, the heavenly 293 II, 6,8 | Jerusalem, which is the Church of the first-born, will 294 II, 6,8 | of the Queen of God, the Church, which is the Body of Christ 295 II, 6,8 | The establishment of the Church.~The Lord Jesus Christ, 296 II, 6,8 | grace-given gifts are in the Holy Church which the Lord~founded on 297 II, 6,8 | Theology . that concerning the Church of Christ.~ 298 II, 7 | 7. The Church of Christ~ 299 II, 7,1 | The concept of the Church of Christ on earth.~In the 300 II, 7,1 | meaning of the word, the Church is the “assembly,” in Greek, 301 II, 7,1 | formula. The character of the Church of Christ is~best explained 302 II, 7,1 | Biblical images to which the Church is likened.~The New Testament 303 II, 7,1 | likened.~The New Testament Church is the new planting of God, 304 II, 7,1 | powers we have in the Holy Church which is His Body. The Sacred 305 II, 7,1 | expressive images of the Church. Here are the chief of them:~ 306 II, 7,1 | head over all things to the Church, which it His Body, the 307 II, 7,1 | house of God, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar 308 II, 7,1 | God. In the Fathers of the Church one often finds a comparison~ 309 II, 7,1 | finds a comparison~of the Church in the world with a ship 310 II, 7,1 | comparing the life of the Church of Christ with a marriage, 311 II, 7,1 | concerning Christ and the Church” (Eph. 5:32). The life of 312 II, 7,1 | 5:32). The life of the Church in its~essence is mystical; 313 II, 7,1 | included in any “history.” The Church~is completely distinct from 314 II, 7,2 | beginning and purpose of the Church.~The Church of Christ received 315 II, 7,2 | purpose of the Church.~The Church of Christ received its existence 316 II, 7,2 | those being saved to the Church.~From this moment, the territory 317 II, 7,2 | communities or churches. The namechurch” which belongs to every 318 II, 7,2 | with the body of the~whole Church of Christ.~Being “the body 319 II, 7,2 | the body of Christ,” the Churchincreaseth with the increase 320 II, 7,2 | Col. 2:19).~Comparing the Church with a building, the Apostle 321 II, 7,2 | quantitative increase of the Church on~earth; in even greater 322 II, 7,2 | through sanctity. Through the Church is accomplished “the dispensation~ 323 II, 7,2 | its earthly growth, the Church develops in the spheres 324 II, 7,2 | conditions of existence.~The Church is our spiritual Home. As 325 II, 7,2 | closely bound up with the Church. In it he must, as long 326 II, 7,2 | limits the subject of the Church to an examination of the~ 327 II, 7,2 | grace-given means furnished in the Church for the attainment~of the 328 II, 7,3 | The Head of the Church.~The Saviour, in giving 329 II, 7,3 | Shepherd and Pilot of the Church. “I~am with you alway, even 330 II, 7,3 | highest Shepherd of the Church~is Christ Himself. We must 331 II, 7,3 | the inward~unity of the Church on earth with the Heavenly 332 II, 7,3 | earth with the Heavenly Church.~The Lord Jesus Christ is 333 II, 7,3 | also the Founder of the Church: “I will build My Church, 334 II, 7,3 | Church: “I will build My Church, and the~gates of hell shall 335 II, 7,3 | also the Foundation of the Church, its cornerstone: “Other 336 II, 7,3 | head over all things to the Church,~which is His body, the 337 II, 7,3 | upon its head, so also the Church is a spiritual organism 338 II, 7,3 | Shepherd of His flock, the Church. We have the “great Shepherd 339 II, 7,3 | placed as~shepherds in the Church, as their co-pastor (Greek 340 II, 7,3 | invisible Chief Bishop of the Church. The Hieromartyr Ignatius 341 II, 7,3 | eternal High-Priest of His Church, as the Apostle Paul explains 342 II, 7,3 | Himself is the Head of the Church has always in lively fashion 343 II, 7,3 | the self-awareness of the Church. In our daily prayers also~ 344 II, 7,3 | 11,~p. 14).~The Orthodox Church of Christ refuses to recognize 345 II, 7,3 | yet another head of the Church in the~form of a “Vicar 346 II, 7,3 | given in the Roman Catholic Church to the Bishop of~Rome. Such 347 II, 7,3 | God or to the universal Church consciousness~and tradition; 348 II, 7,3 | tradition; it tears away the Church on earth from immediate 349 II, 7,3 | unity with the heavenly~Church. A vicar is assigned during 350 II, 7,3 | invisibly~present in His Church always.~The rejection by 351 II, 7,3 | rejection by the ancient Church of the view of the Bishop 352 II, 7,3 | Rome as the Head of the~Church and Vicar of Christ upon 353 II, 7,3 | other bishops of the Roman Church, which ended thus: “When~ 354 II, 7,3 | is the foundation of the Church. Christ~is the stone which 355 II, 7,3 | Apostle Peter to found His Church,~St. Juvenal, Patriarch 356 II, 7,3 | this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of~hell shall 357 II, 7,3 | On this confession the Church of God is made~firm, and 358 II, 7,3 | by the holy Apostles, the Church has kept and will keep to 359 II, 7,4 | The close bond between the Church on earth and the Church 360 II, 7,4 | Church on earth and the Church in Heaven.~The Apostle instructs 361 II, 7,4 | have been joined to the~Church as follows: “Ye are come 362 II, 7,4 | the general assembly and church~of the firstborn, which 363 II, 7,4 | unto Him”(Luke 20:38).~The Church hymns this relationship 364 II, 7,4 | distinction between the Church of Christ on earth and the 365 II, 7,4 | Christ on earth and the Church of the~saints in heaven: 366 II, 7,4 | the members of the earthly Church are not yet members of the 367 II, 7,4 | members of the heavenly Church.~In this connection the “ 368 II, 7,4 | concerning the one invisible Church, thus formulates the Orthodox 369 II, 7,4 | Orthodox teaching~about the Church: “We believe, as we have 370 II, 7,4 | Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, which embraces all those, 371 II, 7,4 | in the least confuse the Church inpilgrimage with the Church 372 II, 7,4 | Church inpilgrimage with the Church that has reached the homeland, 373 II, 7,4 | for the whole Ecumenical Church.”~And in actuality, the 374 II, 7,4 | the life of the militant Church on earth.~The holy Apostles, 375 II, 7,4 | but have not put off~the Church body. They not only were, 376 II, 7,4 | remain the foundations of the Church The~Church is built “upon 377 II, 7,4 | foundations of the Church The~Church is built “upon the foundation 378 II, 7,4 | the glory of the whole Church. How can this be? you will 379 II, 7,4 | do not depart from the Church,~which is the Kingdom of 380 II, 7,4 | remain members of it?” (the Church)The ever-memorable Russian 381 II, 7,4 | Thoughts Concerning~the Churchwrites: “Acknowledge that 382 II, 7,4 | eternal life by means of the church services,~Mysteries, rites, 383 II, 7,4 | rites, instructions, and church decrees, which they have 384 II, 7,4 | you will believe in the Church” (St. John of Kronstadt, “ 385 II, 7,4 | It Mean to Believe~in the Church? Thoughts About the Church 386 II, 7,4 | Church? Thoughts About the Church and the Orthodox Divine 387 II, 7,4 | Orthodox Divine Services”).~The Church in its prayers to the apostles 388 II, 7,4 | upon which~even now the Church is established. “Thou art 389 II, 7,4 | Thou art a pillar of the Church”; “ye are pillars of the~ 390 II, 7,4 | ye are pillars of the~Church”; “Thou art a good shepherd 391 II, 7,4 | ye are the eyes of the~Church of Christ”; “ye are the 392 II, 7,4 | ye are the stars of the Church” (from various church services). 393 II, 7,4 | the Church” (from various church services). In harmony~with 394 II, 7,4 | the consciousness of the Church, the saints, going to heaven, 395 II, 7,4 | were, the firmament~of the Church. “Ye do ever illumine the 396 II, 7,4 | precious firmament of the Church like magnificent~stars, 397 II, 7,4 | upon the firmament~of the Church, and ye do illumine the 398 II, 7,4 | saints are pillars of the Church not only in the past, but 399 II, 7,4 | well.~In this bond of the Church with the saints, and likewise 400 II, 7,4 | likewise in the Headship of the Church by the~Lord Himself, may 401 II, 7,4 | the mystical sides of the Church. “By Thy Cross, O Christ,~ 402 II, 7,4 | four basic signs of the Church: “We~believe in One, Holy, 403 II, 7,4 | Catholic and Apostolic Church,” These attributes are called 404 II, 7,4 | those without which the Church would not be the Church.~ 405 II, 7,4 | Church would not be the Church.~ 406 II, 7,5 | Attributes of the Church~Its unity.~In the Greek 407 II, 7,5 | Faith confesses that the Church is one: a) it is one as 408 II, 7,5 | Eph. 4:4-6).~Depicting the Church in parables, the Saviour 409 II, 7,5 | foundation stone of the Church. He gave a single teaching, 410 II, 7,5 | be one”~(John 17:21).~The Church is one not only inwardly, 411 II, 7,5 | of canonical order.~The Church on earth has a visible side 412 II, 7,5 | its members. However, the Church, by the nature of its~members, 413 II, 7,5 | the faith of~Christ.~The Church does not lose its unity 414 II, 7,5 | because side by side with the Church there exist Christian~societies 415 II, 7,5 | societies are not in the Church, they are outside of~it.~ 416 II, 7,5 | of~it.~The unity of the Church is not violated because 417 II, 7,5 | of one or another local Church; or it is caused by their~ 418 II, 7,5 | violation of the canons of the Church, or by the violation of 419 II, 7,5 | disturbances within a local Church which hinder the normal 420 II, 7,5 | Churches with the given local Church until the outward manifestation 421 II, 7,5 | Two examples~from recent church history may serve to illustrate 422 II, 7,5 | the parts of the Greek Church in Greece itself~and in 423 II, 7,5 | member of~the same Orthodox Church as themselves, nor did they 424 II, 7,5 | century Russian Orthodox Church, a church administration 425 II, 7,5 | Russian Orthodox Church, a church administration was formed 426 II, 7,5 | atheist rulers. Parts of the~Church in Russia (the Catacomb 427 II, 7,5 | Catacomb or True Orthodox Church) and outside (the Russian 428 II, 7,5 | and outside (the Russian Church Outside of Russia) refuse~ 429 II, 7,5 | but~the bishops of the Church Outside of Russia (about 430 II, 7,5 | Russia (about the Catacomb Church it is more difficult to 431 II, 7,5 | Communism falls in Russia, these~church bodies can once more be 432 II, 7,5 | unity.~The truth of the One Church is defined by the Orthodoxy 433 II, 7,5 | concerning the Orthodox~Church of Constantinople before 434 II, 7,5 | people to be a sign of the Church,~and despise the small flock. 435 II, 7,5 | In the prayers of the Church are contained petitions 436 II, 7,5 | discords to cease in the Church; quickly destroy by the 437 II, 7,5 | world, and concord for the Church . . . Grant peace and unity 438 II, 7,5 | Grant peace and unity to Thy Church, O Thou Who~lovest mankind” ( 439 II, 7,5 | Cross;~Christloved the Church... that He might present 440 II, 7,5 | it to Himself a glorious Church, not having~spot, or wrinkle, 441 II, 7,5 | blemish” (Eph.~5:25-27). The Church is holy through its Head, 442 II, 7,5 | other sacred rites of the Church. It is also holy through 443 II, 7,5 | its tie with the Heavenly Church.~The very body of the Church 444 II, 7,5 | Church.~The very body of the Church is holy: “If the firstfruit 445 II, 7,5 | 3:16; 6:19). In the true Church there have always been~and 446 II, 7,5 | ones, blessed ones. The Church~has an uncounted choir of 447 II, 7,5 | the eyes of the world.~The Church is holy by its calling, 448 II, 7,5 | Apostle Paul instructs us.~The Church is holy likewise through 449 II, 7,5 | infallible teaching of faith: The Church of the~living God is, according 450 II, 7,5 | the infallibility of the Church in its teaching,~express 451 II, 7,5 | that the teaching of the Church is infallible, we do not 452 II, 7,5 | 12).~The sanctity of the Church is not darkened by the intrusion 453 II, 7,5 | intrusion of the world into the Church, or~by the sinfulness of 454 II, 7,5 | which intrudes into the Church’s sphere~remains foreign 455 II, 7,5 | time. The opinion that the Church consists only of righteous 456 II, 7,5 | The Saviour compares His Church with~a field on which the 457 II, 7,5 | good fish and bad In the Church there are both good servants 458 II, 7,5 | members of the Catholic Church are all the faithful, and 459 II, 7,5 | to various sins . . . The Church~judges them, calls them 460 II, 7,5 | members of the Catholic Church as long as they do not become 461 II, 7,5 | off~from the body of the Church, either by a visible act 462 II, 7,5 | by a visible act of the Church authority or by the invisible 463 II, 7,5 | those do not belong to the Church who are atheists or apostates 464 II, 7,5 | who do not~belong to the Church are heretics who have corrupted 465 II, 7,5 | separated themselves from the Church (the 33rd Canon of~the Council 466 II, 7,5 | people.”~The sanctity of the Church is irreconcilable with false 467 II, 7,5 | heresies. Therefore the~Church strictly guards the purity 468 II, 7,5 | of Faith (the Creed), the Church~is calledcatholic” (in 469 II, 7,5 | However, the Christian Church from antiquity chose this 470 II, 7,5 | principle attributes~of the Church, namely, to express its 471 II, 7,5 | Faith, wherever the wordChurchappears, it is unfail-ingly 472 II, 7,5 | And in~one, holy, catholic Church;” in the Symbol of Rome: “ 473 II, 7,5 | In the holy, catholic Church, the communion~of the Saints;” 474 II, 7,5 | is,~there is the catholic Church.” This term is constantly 475 II, 7,5 | Greco-Roman civilization.~The Church is catholic. This corresponds 476 II, 7,5 | intended to be members of the Church of Christ, even though not~ 477 II, 7,5 | the question, “Why is the Church called catholic,~or which 478 II, 7,5 | Orthodox~Books ed., p. 50).~The Church is not limited by place. 479 II, 7,5 | to have in~mind that the Church was catholic even when it 480 II, 7,5 | Zion and Jerusalem.~The Church is not limited by time: 481 II, 7,5 | earth (1 Cor. 11:26).~The Church is not bound up with any 482 II, 7,5 | or people.~The Apostolic Church.~The Church is calledApostolic” 483 II, 7,5 | The Apostolic Church.~The Church is calledApostolic” because 484 II, 7,5 | historical beginning of~the Church. They spread Christianity 485 II, 7,5 | preserved and transmitted to the Church the Christian teaching of 486 II, 7,5 | commandment of the Lord, the Church’s sacred~rites. They placed 487 II, 7,5 | Apostles established in the Church the grace-given succession 488 II, 7,5 | grace-given ministry of the church hierarchy, which is~called 489 II, 7,5 | canonical structure of the Church’s life, being~concerned 490 II, 7,5 | for the~assemblies where church services are celebrated.~ 491 II, 7,5 | aspect which gives to the Church an Apostolic quality. The 492 II, 7,5 | only~historically in the Church of Christ; they remain in 493 II, 7,5 | They were in the earthly~Church, and they are now in the 494 II, 7,5 | are now in the Heavenly Church, continuing to be in communion 495 II, 7,5 | historical nucleus of the Church, they continue to be the 496 II, 7,5 | invisible, nucleus of the Church, both now and forever, in 497 II, 7,5 | are the foundations of the Church. Therefore it is said of 498 II, 7,5 | Therefore it is said of the Church: It is “built upon~the foundation 499 II, 7,5 | 2:20). The naming of the Church as “apostolicindicates 500 II, 7,5 | single~Apostle (as the Roman Church later taught), but upon

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