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Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 II, 6,4| of Joseph by an earlier marriage. See Archbishop John Maximovitch, 2 II, 7,1| Church of Christ with a marriage, or with the~relationship 3 II, 8,2| receives~grace which sanctifies marriage and the natural birth-giving 4 II, 8,7| allowed for bishops to avoid~marriage for the sake of the ascetic 5 II, 8,7| ordination, to enter into marriage, but~which allows to the 6 II, 8,7| who were already bound by marriage, even~regarding this as 7 II, 8,7| natural and normal. A second marriage, as well as having a wife 8 II, 8,8| Marriage~The Purpose of the Christian 9 II, 8,8| mystery.~In the Mystery of Marriage the Church invokes the help 10 II, 8,8| is the sacred action of Marriage.~The chief part in the rite 11 II, 8,8| the rite of the Mystery of Marriage is the placing of the crowns 12 II, 8,8| them with~glory and honor.”~Marriage as a divine Institution.~ 13 II, 8,8| divine Institution.~That marriage has the blessing of God 14 II, 8,8| faithfulness be preserved in marriage and forbidding~divorce, 15 II, 8,8| to the moral dignity of marriage. The Lord Jesus Christ sanctified 16 II, 8,8| Jesus Christ sanctified marriage by His presence at the~marriage 17 II, 8,8| marriage by His presence at the~marriage in Cana of Galilee, and 18 II, 8,8| character of the Church with marriage in these~words: “Husbands, 19 II, 8,8| speaks more in detail about marriage and~virginity in 1 Corinthians, 20 II, 8,8| Placing virginity above marriage, he does not condemn~marriage, 21 II, 8,8| marriage, he does not condemn~marriage, commanding that it be preserved 22 II, 8,8| the Christian purpose of marriage, the Church forbids entering 23 II, 8,8| Church forbids entering into marriage~with heretics (canons of 24 II, 8,8| Russia, for example, allows marriage with the non-Orthodox who 25 II, 8,8| The indissolubility of marriage.~The Church only in exceptional 26 II, 8,8| agrees to the dissolving of a marriage, chiefly~when it has been 27 II, 8,8| The entrance into a second marriage after the~death of a husband 28 II, 8,8| for~the sin of a second marriage. A third marriage is tolerated 29 II, 8,8| second marriage. A third marriage is tolerated only as a lesser

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