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half-revealed 1
ham 1
hand 43
handed 16
handkerchiefs 1
handmaid 1
hands 57
Frequency    [«  »]
16 foundations
16 founded
16 grave
16 handed
16 hear
16 jude
16 latter
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Orthodox dogmatic theology

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   Part,  Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, A,4| ecclesiastical canons or laws handed down from the~Apostles and 2 Intro, A,4| they are in the tradition handed down from the~Apostles ( 3 Intro, A,5| should hear what has been handed down to you” (Fifth Catechetical~ 4 Intro, A,5| the Apostolic Tradition, handed~down in secret. Both the 5 Intro, A,5| Sacred~Scripture have been handed down to us from Apostolic 6 Intro, A,9| Services which have been handed down to us by the Ecumenical~ 7 Intro, C | the truths of the Faith as~handed down from antiquity, and 8 Intro, C | new~aspects of the dogmas handed down to us, or a new understanding 9 Intro, C | teaching which has been handed down.~Certain complete works 10 I, 2,4 | calling it an “ancient”~hymn handed down “from the Fathers,” 11 II, 6,4 | testified by Her own words, handed down in the Gospel,~where 12 II, 6,7 | news to all peoples and handed~it down to the Church in 13 II, 7,5 | commandments of the Gospel, they handed down to the~faithful the 14 II, 9,6 | How many cloths have been handed from~hand to hand! How many 15 App, 1 | to the teaching of faith handed down by the Apostles. Although 16 App, 1 | dogmas which have not been handed down by the ancient Church.

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