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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1”,1 | must be promoted to holy orders. But as is self-evident, 2 1”,2 | cease officiating in holy orders. As for anyone that does 3 1”,2 | forfeiting his claim to holy orders, that is to say, he shall 4 1”,3 | Interpretation.[3]~Men in holy orders and clergymen ought not 5 1”,8 | among those who are in holy orders and clergymen, and not appear 6 1”,9 | about to be admitted to holy orders must be clear from sins 7 1”,9 | sins that preclude holy orders, and that their life and 8 1”,9 | preclude admission to holy orders, and the prelates who examined 9 1”,9 | been invested with holy orders unworthily, are not admitted 10 1”,9 | incapacitating one for holy orders which they had committed 11 1”,9 | are not admissible to holy orders. Because, it says, the catholic 12 1”,9 | let him function in holy orders no more. Likewise if even 13 1”,9 | is to be ousted from holy orders. Likewise in the case of 14 1”,9 | entail deposition from holy orders when committed before admission 15 1”,9 | before admission to holy orders, similarly entail deposition 16 1”,9 | after admission to holy orders, when exposed, or when confessed 17 1”,9 | after admission to holy orders. Not only do they entail 18 1”,10| to exclude them from holy orders. Because once they have 19 1”,10| qualified to be admitted to holy orders after they have been baptized, 20 1”,16| along with those in holy orders, but are to remain idle, 21 1”,18| especially among those in holy orders; for this reason the present 22 1”,19| found to be unworthy of holy orders, they must be deposed, or, 23 1”,19| elevated to the height of holy orders and of the clergy, is said 24 1”,19| the (height? of the) holy orders and clergy claimed by the 25 2”,6 | reputations of those in holy orders and disturbing the laity, 26 3”,2 | alienated themselves from holy orders and have forfeited their 27 3”,2 | to be strangers to holy orders and outcasts from the rank 28 3”,3 | have been shorn of holy orders by Nestorius and his party 29 3”,5 | to the operation of holy orders, or shall dare to do so 30 3”,8 | fortune to be admitted to holy orders ought indeed to give especial 31 4”,2 | be expelled from the holy orders and office thus acquired. 32 4”,3 | services attached to holy orders, and, on the other hand, 33 4”,6 | prevent easily those in holy orders from going or being transferred 34 4”,8 | clergymen or persons in holy orders who are in churches belonging 35 4”,8 | in case they are in holy orders or are clergymen, they are 36 4”,26| attaching itself to holy orders.~(Ap. cc. XXXVIII, XL; cc. 37 7”,3 | to cleanse those in holy orders at that time from the uncleanliness 38 7”,3 | number of those then in holy orders had fallen into marriages 39 7”,3 | concerning all those in holy orders who had married a second 40 7”,3 | who were bigamists in holy ordersPresbyters, that is to 41 7”,3 | with the duties of holy orders for a certain length of 42 7”,3 | standing with those in holy orders, while weeping to God to 43 7”,3 | regard to those in holy orders previously mentioned, henceforth 44 7”,4 | widow. But those in holy orders and clergymen are deposed 45 7”,5 | Let none of those in holy orders who are living modestly 46 7”,7 | respect to the other sacred orders, since we know spiritual 47 7”,7 | the lower members of holy orders and lower clerical ranks 48 7”,11| commands that no person in holy orders and no layman may eat any 49 7”,13| person who is in sacred orders — any Presbyter, we mean, 50 7”,13| marriage ties of those in holy orders to remain solid and inseverable, 51 7”,13| decency of those in holy orders, decreed that subdeacons, 52 7”,13| three ranks of those in holy orders must temperately abstain 53 7”,14| quite deserving of holy orders; on the contrary, let him 54 7”,20| Interpretation.~Those in holy orders who have been completely 55 7”,20| they lost the grace of holy orders, let them tonsure the hair 56 7”,21| For all ecclesiastics take orders illegally, and in like manner 57 7”,23| Interpretation.~No one in holy orders, nor any monk, according 58 7”,23| adds that those in holy orders must not look at other spectacles 59 7”,25| has been deposed from holy orders. For if he does not annul 60 7”,26| and all who are in Holy Orders ought to be modest and decent 61 7”,26| penances on those in holy orders who wear splendid garments 62 7”,27| decree that no one in holy orders shall do this any more; 63 7”,29| Interpretation.~Since those in holy orders who are located in Barbary, 64 7”,29| commands that no one in holy orders shall separate his wife 65 7”,30| not permit those in holy orders to conduct a liturgy or 66 7”,60| clergymen and persons in holy orders that should do such things 67 7”,68| consecrated to those in holy orders. For this reason the present 68 7”,73| commands that those in holy orders and laymen shall not take 69 7”,76| that those in major holy orders, or clergymen admitted to 70 7”,89| entrance of those in holy orders into the sacrificial altar 71 7”,93| perjurers that are in holy orders and those that are clerics, 72 8”,1 | as concerns those in holy orders in that they attest and 73 8”,2 | the case of those in holy orders. For this reason the present 74 8”,3 | about to be admitted to holy orders, this is made plain in the 75 8”,4 | Peter gives the following orders to prelates: “Tend the flock 76 8”,10| he was called when holy orders fell to his lot.~(Ap. cc. 77 8”,16| foreign to those in holy orders. But if they insist on doing 78 8”,16| the beginning men in holy orders have been wearing humble 79 8”,18| heathen. In fact, the Apostle orders us not to give any offense 80 8”,19| bishop, or abbot in holy orders, or anyone else on the sacerdotal 81 8”,19| be an abbot not in holy orders[282] or an abbess, let them 82 8”,23| entitled to be restored to holy orders. But if he keeps on getting 83 8”,23| to an equal rank in holy orders. But there is still one 84 8”,23| action of those in holy orders laying their hand on the 85 8”,23| scornfully, but the holy orders. If you see these naked, 86 8”,23| ordination, are unworthy of holy orders. And if they want to repent 87 8”,23| most holy works of holy orders, because there is nothing 88 8”,23| abstain beforehand from holy orders.” See also the testimony 89 8”,23| Discourse 2 concerning holy orders) says: “A pastor ought not 90 8”,23| sc. Dionysius) had given orders to the priests to allow 91 8”,23| about to be admitted to holy orders should be not only unindictable 92 8”,23| desires a bishopric and holy orders, of which by his own deeds 93 8”,23| perform the functions of holy orders therein, and not in the 94 8”,23| after being divested of holy orders, can neither be raised to 95 8”,23| spiritual ascent of holy orders from the carnal humbleness 96 8”,23| the divine state of holy orders; but those who refuse to 97 8”,23| order of all ecclesiastical orders, they ought to be perfect 98 8”,23| whether they were men in holy orders or married worldlings. For 99 8”,23| which such men in holy orders had made to practice temperance 100 8”,23| the part of those in holy orders to abstain permanently from 101 8”,23| loved the value of holy orders and could not secure them 102 8”,23| twice to remain in holy orders provided they accept Papism, 103 8”,23| on the mystery of holy orders) says that they were given 104 8”,23| one is that those in holy orders who were being deposed on 105 8”,23| status of those in holy orders and enjoyed the honor attaching 106 8”,23| who are degraded from holy orders may enjoy the honor attaching 107 8”,23| standing with those in holy orders, arid in general only the 108 8”,23| the outward honor of holy orders, concerning which see the 109 8”,23| that are deposed from holy orders on account of their manifest 110 8”,23| abdicate the rights of holy orders, none of them, I say, can 111 8”,23| the exploitation of holy orders, according to Kitros (and 112 8”,23| to deposition from holy orders, or who has resigned. 2) 113 8”,23| longer return to the holy orders out of which they have fallen. 114 8”,23| who has resigned from holy orders of his own accord either 115 8”,23| those who resign from holy orders on account of their sins 116 8”,23| catholic operation of holy orders, it is to be noted that 117 8”,23| particular sacred acts of holy orders were included by it. As 118 8”,23| been degraded from holy orders the right to perform any 119 8”,23| priests degraded from holy orders pronounce blessings and 120 8”,23| the sacred acts of holy orders which it is illicit for 121 8”,23| ought to tell those in holy orders who have not been duly taken 122 8”,23| from the duties of holy orders or not resign.~ ~ [154] 123 8”,23| suspension from his holy orders, or priesthood; but in case 124 8”,23| or any persons in holy orders, or monks, whatsoever ought 125 8”,23| themselves. Hence those in holy orders who are hunters shall be 126 8”,23| often by persons in holy orders and clergymen during the 127 8”,23| functions of those in holy orders. For they too, in such a 128 8”,23| as saying those in holy orders and monks who have vowed 129 8”,23| virtuous man, a man in holy orders, a sober and reverent person, 130 8”,23| clerics and those in holy orders, who ought by their speech 131 8”,23| specially forbids those in holy orders to shave their beard, by 132 8”,23| actively invested with holy orders, and must not have been 133 8”,23| involuntarily has resigned from holy orders cannot receive thoughts. 134 8”,23| performs the functions of holy orders. According to Balsamon ( 135 8”,23| and be admitted to holy orders, or craves to become an 136 8”,23| monk who is not in holy orders may be made the abbot of

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