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widow 13
widowed 4
widows 26
wife 116
wigs 1
wild 6
wild-animal 2
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117 antioch
117 matter
117 used
116 wife
115 honor
115 patriarch
114 neither

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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    Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | clergymen that have no lawful wife to keep any strange woman 2 4”,14| shall be allowed to take a wife that is of a different faith. 3 4”,14| of a different faith to wife. All those, on the other 4 4”,27| a view to taking them to wife. For it deposes from office 5 7”,3 | servant, or an actress to wife, we decree that he cannot 6 7”,3 | who have taken a widow to wife, or who, after being ordained, 7 7”,12| prelate may live with his wife after he has been ordained.[ 8 7”,12| reverence forcibly separates his wife, as the injunction which 9 7”,12| blameless, the husband of one wife” (Titus 1:56) (in this 10 7”,12| prelates is living with his wife, let him be deposed. See 11 7”,13| cohabiting with a lawful wife. Nor must he be required 12 7”,13| intercourse with his own wife, lest we be forced to be 13 7”,13| Art thou bound unto a wife? seek not to be freed” ( 14 7”,13| association with his lawful wife, let him be deposed from 15 7”,13| or Deacon expel his own wife on the pretext of reverence, 16 7”,13| is married with a lawful wife and is worthy to become 17 7”,13| he will separate from his wifelest as a result of this 18 7”,13| have been tied up with a wife, do not try to separate 19 7”,29| V by not expelling their wife, on the pretext of reverence, 20 7”,29| orders shall separate his wife on the pretext of reverence, 21 7”,39| old if she has been the wife of one husband” (1 Tim. 22 7”,43| living with her (as his wife), shall be compelled to 23 7”,47| touching any woman who is the wife of a man who is being elevated 24 7”,47| that any woman who is the wife of a man who is about to 25 7”,47| carnal love. But if the wife, however, is worthy, she 26 7”,47| infers that neither ought the wife of deceased priests marry 27 7”,52| forbids anybody to take to wife the mother of his goddaughter 28 7”,53| taking his sister-in-law to wife; in his c. LXXVIII, that 29 7”,53| time forth whoever takes to wife his (female) cousin, or 30 7”,53| his son if they take to wife a mother and her daughter, 31 7”,71| husband is sanctified by the wife, and the infidel wife by 32 7”,71| the wife, and the infidel wife by the husband” (1 Cor. 33 7”,71| living with his believing wife, or the infidel wife by 34 7”,71| believing wife, or the infidel wife by living with her believing 35 7”,71| For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save 36 7”,71| whether thou shalt save they wife?” (1 Cor. 7:16). See also 37 7”,86| Jeremiah, which says that “if a wife transfers herself to another 38 7”,86| hath an adulteress (as his wife), is foolish and impious” ( 39 7”,86| who abandons his lawful wife, and takes another, according 40 7”,86| says in effect that any wife who leaves her husband and 41 7”,86| says in effect that if a wife takes another man, she can 42 7”,86| wanting in sense who keeps his wife in his house after she has 43 7”,86| it should appear that a wife has departed from her husband 44 7”,86| contradistinction that a wife may with good reason leave 45 7”,86| unreasonable departure of his wife, and he can take another 46 7”,86| and he can take another wife. But the wife, on the contrary, 47 7”,86| take another wife. But the wife, on the contrary, deserves 48 7”,86| fornication) leaves his lawful wife and takes another is subject 49 7”,86| Whosoever shall put away his wife, save on account of fornication, 50 7”,92| temporarily abandoned by his wife, and has been left afterwards 51 7”,92| afterwards because of his former wife’s return to him, is indeed 52 7”,92| ever return in time whose wife on account of his protracted 53 7”,92| take back again his own wife, a pardon being granted 54 7”,92| long time before by his wife, without knowing that he 55 7”,92| lets him go when his former wife returns to him, has indeed 56 7”,92| from war after years whose wife has got married a second 57 7”,92| wish, can take back his wife, pardoning both her and 58 7”,96| those who are living with a wife or are otherwise indiscreetly 59 7”,97| decrees that anyone taking to wife a woman who has been engaged 60 7”,97| like a man who takes to wife a woman married to another. 61 7”,97| holy Virgin is called the wife of Joseph, because even 62 8”,23| men living with a lawful wife. Because a wife allows the 63 8”,23| a lawful wife. Because a wife allows the man living with 64 8”,23| parturient pangs of a lawful wife, the inconveniences of giving 65 8”,23| brother of the latter’s wife, and launched a fierce war 66 8”,23| Pulcheria, whom he took as his wife but with whom he had no 67 8”,23| take a Christian woman to wife, nor must a Jewess be taken 68 8”,23| must a Jewess be taken to wife by a Christian man. For 69 8”,23| take yourself a woman to wife openly and in accordance 70 8”,23| such a sacred virgin to wife is also liable to capital 71 8”,23| Canon prelates from having a wife: 1) Because in view of the 72 8”,23| prelates possessed of a wife and children were wont to 73 8”,23| trouble of taking care of a wife, of children oand of a whole 74 8”,23| world how he may please his wife” (1 Cor. 7:33). So in order 75 8”,23| blameless, the husband of one wife” (Titus 1:6) and says “It 76 8”,23| said, ‘the husband of one wife,’ not that nowadays this 77 8”,23| husband to have but one wife” (Discourse 2 on Job). And 78 8”,23| blameless, the husband of one wife”: not that he made this 79 8”,23| bishop from divorcing his wife, or at any rate from forcing 80 8”,23| him to separate from his wife by agreement with her. The 81 8”,23| XLVIII, though allowing the wife of a man about to be ordained 82 8”,23| the same time allow the wife to be separated forcibly 83 8”,23| continues to live with his wife even after the ordination. 84 8”,23| with the consent of his wife, gets a divorce, or abstains 85 8”,23| 6th, which says that the wife of one destined to become 86 8”,23| streets and roads and having a wife and children, directly he 87 8”,23| became a Patriarch, his wife became a nun, according 88 8”,23| with the similitude of the wife of one about to become a 89 8”,23| to become a bishop, the wife of one about to become a 90 8”,23| Cor. 7:27). And again: “A wife hath not control over her 91 8”,23| over his own body, but his wife has it” (1 Cor. 7:4). But 92 8”,23| that is to say, or the wife, does not agree to this, 93 8”,23| father, and mother, and wife, and his children, cannot 94 8”,23| everyone that divorces his wife, except on the ground of 95 8”,23| actuality occurred, let the wife stay with her husband, if 96 8”,23| propositions is that the wife of one who is destined to 97 8”,23| correct in saying that a wife can become a nun even without 98 8”,23| will yet not allow his wife to marry a second time, 99 8”,23| that the husband and the wife may, after betaking themselves 100 8”,23| the vows and promises of a wife who is under the control 101 8”,23| Numbers. For it says that if a wife make any promise to God, 102 8”,23| parties, but also that the wife ought to be asked whether 103 8”,23| husband who knows that his wife is whoring, but keeps silent, 104 8”,23| grounds of adultery the wife deserts her husband and 105 8”,23| another. If, however, the wife merely deserts her husband 106 8”,23| to take another woman to wife; but, instead, both parties 107 8”,23| David too took back his wife Melchol who had contracted 108 8”,23| Note also that in case the wife of the returned soldier, 109 8”,23| If a man departs from his wife for another land and there 110 8”,23| acquires a concubine, and his wife waits three years with fortitude 111 8”,23| concubine, but not also from his wife; his wife, on the other 112 8”,23| also from his wife; his wife, on the other hand, cannot 113 8”,23| for how many years, his wife must wail for him to return 114 8”,23| desire, to take his own wife back again.”~ ~ [234] Blastaris 115 8”,23| that anyone that takes to wife a woman engaged to another 116 8”,23| Ananias and Sapphira his wife consecrated to God was real

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