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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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1 4”,4 | anywhere build or establish any monastery or any oratory (i.e., prayerhouse] 2 4”,4 | to build and establish a monastery or an oratory, without the 3 4”,4 | slave be admitted into a monastery to be shorn as a monk without 4 4”,4 | permission to anyone to build a monastery without the consent of the 5 4”,6 | or to a martyry, or to a monastery. As for those ordained at 6 4”,6 | city or village, or to a monastery, or to the church of some 7 4”,6 | such or such a church, or monastery, by name — in identically 8 4”,6 | particular church or of a monastery is not specially mentioned, 9 4”,24| which he has given to his monastery if he departs of his own 10 4”,26| manage the affairs of his monastery.[109] Read also Ap. cc. 11 7”,40| themselves, must first enter a Monastery, and become duly accustomed 12 7”,40| straight to the Prior of the Monastery in fear of God, and to fulfill 13 7”,40| to do this must go to a monastery, and after showing obedience 14 7”,41| that they be installed in a Monastery and be enrolled with their 15 7”,41| to be settled down in a monastery, well and good; but if they 16 7”,42| ordinary life to enter a Monastery, and to take a tonsure in 17 7”,42| the world, and to go to a monastery and get tonsured,[171] even 18 7”,44| and thus has come to the Monastery, once more in remembrance 19 7”,44| hers, and has gone to the monastery thus on a solid basis, to 20 7”,45| the one in charge of the monastery. So that those who violate 21 7”,45| should go away from the monastery without a blessing, he says 22 7”,45| ought to go away from their monastery or convent, respectively, 23 7”,46| the men’s quarters in a Monastery, nor any man in the women’ 24 7”,46| general sleep at night in the monastery of monks, nor may any man 25 7”,46| for women sleeping in a monastery of monks, and conversely 26 7”,47| must enter a convent (or monastery) that is far away from his 27 7”,48| shall be kept safe in the Monastery, and that they can no longer 28 8 | presbyter and the abbot of the monastery of St. Sabbas in Rome, all 29 8”,12| property of the bishopric or monastery respectively into the hands 30 8”,12| the Bishopric, or to the Monastery, as the case may be, and 31 8”,12| and the Abbot out of the Monastery — on the ground that they 32 8”,12| bishopric, or an abbot from a monastery, and turn them over to civil 33 8”,12| revert to the bishopric or monastery, as the case may be, just 34 8”,12| is to be ousted from the monastery, because they have wrongfully 35 8”,14| this but only in his own Monastery, provided that imposition 36 8”,14| permissible for the abbot of a monastery, provided he is a priest 37 8”,14| Readers), but only in his own monastery, and not elsewhere. Likewise 38 8”,18| in a bishopric, or in a monastery, for the performance of 39 8”,18| latifundia of a bishopric or of a monastery there should be any women, 40 8”,19| things are to remain in the monastery, in accordance with his 41 8”,19| he may consecrate to the monastery in which he has decided 42 8”,19| remain inalienable from the monastery[283] in accordance with 43 8”,19| whether he stays in the monastery or departs from it for reasons 44 8”,19| he should depart from the monastery in consequence of any occasion ( 45 8”,20| we decree that no double monastery is to be made, because this 46 8”,20| the men must retire to a monastery for men, and the women must 47 8”,20| must enter a nunnery (or monastery for women). For it is in 48 8”,20| and nuns dwell in a single monastery. For adultery will creep 49 8”,20| Zonaras asserts that a double monastery was two neighboring monasteries 50 8”,20| it was one and the same monastery, within which men and women 51 8”,20| women go to a nunnery, or monastery exclusively for women; for 52 8”,20| together in one and the same monastery, because adultery will follow 53 8”,20| nun. And when monks from a monastery are conveying the necessaries 54 8”,20| together in one and the same monastery, according to the decree 55 8”,21| must not leave his or her monastery or nunnery, respectively, 56 8”,21| nun must not leave that monastery or nunnery in which he or 57 8”,21| Fathers of that strange monastery (or the Mothers of that 58 8”,21| monk who departs from his monastery and goes to another monastery, 59 8”,21| monastery and goes to another monastery, or to a worldly shelter, 60 8”,21| for improvement of another monastery or for salvation of some 61 8”,21| has admitted him from a monastery belonging to another province 62 8”,21| or an abbot of his own monastery, and the monk in question, 63 8”,22| fails to bring back to his monastery his escaped monks.[289]~ ~ ~ 64 8”,23| anyone that shall build a monastery or an oratory or a church 65 8”,23| wedding outside nor inside a monastery (page 395 of the Corpus 66 8”,23| allow monks to leave the monastery and to journey in quest 67 8”,23| says for the head of the monastery to send on errands for the 68 8”,23| brother can be found in the monastery, it is better for the brethren 69 8”,23| Canon, to wit: 1) that no monastery shall be built upon lands 70 8”,23| the rest of his life in a monastery. Even if he return and repent 71 8”,23| and is turned over to the monastery of the one ravished, according 72 8”,23| her things, is placed in a monastery and is securely guarded. 73 8”,23| give away, or mortgage a monastery wherein there has been established 74 8”,23| received for it, as well as the monastery itself or the property of 75 8”,23| itself or the property of the monastery which he sold; and the purchaser 76 8”,23| price which he paid, and the monastery which he bought. The price 77 8”,23| manuscript Ritual of the Monastery of the Pantocrator. It says, 78 8”,23| garments after they came to the monastery or convent. This became 79 8”,23| animal to the temple or monastery. To their relatives and 80 8”,23| if an unsacred abbot of a monastery cannot receive thoughts, 81 8”,23| order that the church or monastery, as the case may be, may 82 8”,23| refuse to admit them into the monastery.~ ~ [282] From the present 83 8”,23| may be made the abbot of a monastery, provided he is sensible 84 8”,23| that if a monk leaves one monastery and goes to another, his 85 8”,23| must remain in the first monastery. And the thirty-eighth ordinance 86 8”,23| those who leave their own monastery are not to take the personal 87 8”,23| consecrates must remain with the monastery. For even the land which 88 8”,23| again consecrate to another monastery.~ ~ [285] In other manuscripts 89 8”,23| one may depart from his monastery, after doing as much research 90 8”,23| monk may depart from his monastery if the abbot is a heretic, 91 8”,23| Nicephorus; 2) if women enter the monastery, according to the same c. 92 8”,23| being taught letters in the monastery; since through these children 93 8”,23| children whatever occurs in the monastery becomes published abroad, 94 8”,23| monk to depart from his monastery only for one reason, which 95 8”,23| injury, departs from his monastery, he must either cure this 96 8”,23| condition, by persisting in the monastery, or, if he is unwilling 97 8”,23| admittance to any other monastery. Another reasonable cause 98 8”,23| let him depart from the monastery. Even though the abbot places 99 8”,23| abbot may be driven from his monastery and shut up in another if 100 8”,23| sponsor is sent to another monastery, according to c. II of the

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