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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | by the legislation of the Emperor Justinian which confirmed 2 Intro | Church, at the request of the Emperor John II Comnenus, wrote 3 Intro | Balsamon, at the request of the Emperor Manuel Comnenus (1143-1180) 4 Intro | honored by the presence of the emperor and the senate.”65 In reality, 5 1 | assembling of the Council, the emperor Constantine placed at the 6 1 | greatest solemnity. The emperor began by making the bishops 7 1”,7 | same way as Marcianus (an emperor of the Eastern Empire) honored 8 1”,7 | and Valentinian (another emperor) honored Nicaea, according 9 1”,14| of St. Ambrose respecting Emperor Valentinian, who died while 10 2”,6 | dare either to annoy the emperor’s ears or to trouble courts 11 2”,6 | to appeal his case to the Emperor,[57] or to civil courts 12 2”,6 | of doing so, annoys the emperor, he shall no longer have 13 3 | Theotoke,[69] in the reign of Emperor Theodosius the Little (i.e., 14 4 | Bithynia, during the reign of Emperor Marcianus and Pulcheria[ 15 4”,9 | quarreling with anyone asks the Emperor for a civil trial court, 16 4”,12| Metropolis by letters of the Emperor, let them enjoy only the 17 4”,17| which may be decreed by the emperor in regard to the newly-built 18 4”,28| pious memory, who became emperor in the imperial city of 19 4”,29| called the attention of Emperor Marcianus to the fact that 20 5 | year 553 in the reign of Emperor Justinian I. According to 21 6 | in what he wrote to the Emperor; Macarius of Antioch, together 22 7 | assembled at the command of the Emperor, not in order to examine 23 7 | personal signatures both of the Emperor and of the legates of the 24 7”,1 | Constantine, who became our Emperor, against ungodly Arius and 25 7”,1 | Great, who also became our Emperor, embracing the utterance 26 7”,1 | and who also became our Emperor, and we hold them to be 27 7”,1 | Marcianus, who also became our Emperor, by the six hundred and 28 7”,1 | Justinian, who became our Emperor and who passed away at the 29 7”,1 | Constantine, who became our Emperor and passed away at the termination 30 7”,1 | the fact that the pious Emperor himself sealed up the volumes 31 7”,3 | Pious and Christ-loving Emperor, in his address to this 32 7”,3 | Canon. For inasmuch as the Emperor had asked them to cleanse 33 7”,3 | ignorance), on account of the Emperor’s request, they decreed 34 7”,14| mundane layman such as was Emperor Justinian, who in his Novel 35 7”,38| Christ-loving and pious emperor, we see fit to concur in 36 7”,38| Interpretation.~In the time of Emperor Justinian II the Archbishop 37 7”,38| through the diligence of the Emperor, and became a subject of 38 7”,68| only that person who is the Emperor or King; and he is excepted 39 8”,23| then, the written order of Emperor Alexius Comnenus ought to 40 8”,23| the absurd decree of the emperor (for he was a chartophylax). 41 8”,23| Records). During the reign of Emperor Anastasius surnamed Dicorus, 42 8”,23| Novatians, together with Emperor Julian, was given lessons 43 8”,23| Great in his apology to the Emperor says the following: “My 44 8”,23| Balsamon asserts that an emperor can do anything and everything, 45 8”,23| Councils. For in the reign of Emperor Marcianus, with the co-operation 46 8”,23| the reign of Justinian the emperor by a certain bishop of Nisibis 47 8”,23| with John by aid of the emperor’s co-operation; all of which 48 8”,23| held during the reign of Emperor Macedon, in the year 879, 49 8”,23| precisely the same manner as Emperor Justinian I ordered it to 50 8”,23| belonging to it both by Emperor Zeno and by Justinian II, 51 8”,23| lived during the reign of Emperor Mauricius.~ But inasmuch 52 8”,23| writing against Photius to Emperor Michael represents the Canon 53 8”,23| The Council allowed the emperor to make decrees regarding 54 8”,23| Prelates used to come to the Emperor to beg for his help in their 55 8”,23| enabled to approach the Emperor, just as, in confirmation 56 8”,23| majesty in imitation of an emperor; the right to wear upon 57 8”,23| after the manner of an emperor; and the privilege of conceding 58 8”,23| the secular rulers of the Emperor, actuated by the civil law, 59 8”,23| either to God or to the Emperor, as such a requirement would 60 8”,23| of Constantinople, and of Emperor Zeno.~ ~ [120] The Latins 61 8”,23| the following lines to the Emperor: “We anathematize the inventors 62 8”,23| unjustly? Again, how could Emperor Constantine, a most godly 63 8”,23| Councils), and in writing to Emperor Charles of France he calls 64 8”,23| of this heresy, the same Emperor Theodosius the Little assembled 65 8”,23| that an order was given by Emperor Alexius for prelates to 66 8”,23| honoring and thanking the Emperor made the eparchy of the 67 8”,23| witness to the fact that Emperor Theodosius made a law (before 68 8”,23| This is the cause that led Emperor Theodosius to provide for 69 8”,23| by traitors against the Emperor.”~ ~ [191] Wizards are 70 8”,23| the fact that the believer Emperor Theodosius was absolved 71 8”,23| the inner sanctuary, O Emperor, is accessible to priests 72 8”,23| Thereafter even when the Emperor went to Constantinople, 73 8”,23| went out, the most faithful emperor thus showing by his example 74 8”,23| says (ch. 143) that an emperor may commune within the Bema 75 8”,23| he is being anointed as emperor, after from the deacons, 76 8”,23| which they were joined by Emperor Theodosius the Little and 77 8”,23| Thenceforth, therefore, the Emperor ordered that this hymn should 78 8”,23| Fullo was in the reign of Emperor Zeno, but not even before 79 8”,23| was done together with the Emperor and all the magistrates 80 8”,23| Curopalates, who says: “The Emperor sits on the throne wearing 81 8”,23| right hand (because the Emperor has been anointed of the 82 8”,23| certain questions for the Emperor of Russia, a learned man 83 8”,23| were about to welcome an emperor or king, and forming a hollow 84 8”,23| recorded in the menologion of Emperor Basil.~ ~ [258] These legates, 85 8”,23| smashed to pieces by the Emperor Maximinus, before Constantine 86 8”,23| his fifteenth letter to Emperor Constantine. If, on the

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