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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | ecumenical councils and the general councils of 861 and 879- 2 Intro | proper sense, which has general application? Certainly, 3 Intro | subject of the Church's general order. The ancient legal 4 Intro | long as it conforms to the general intention of the legislator, 5 1 | anathematizes. ~The adhesion was general and enthusiastic. All the 6 1”,6 | preserved to the Churches. In general it is obvious that in the 7 1”,11| concerning penitents in general, a historical account is 8 1”,13| participate in prayer only. In general, moreover, as concerning 9 1”,13| ought to stay there. And, in general, everyone in danger ought 10 1”,14| his c. XX says: “And in general the events in the life of 11 2 | the Photinians,[39] and in general anathematized every heresy 12 2”,3 | reference to the honor in general, according to which the 13 3”,6 | one simply decrees in a general way that all those persons 14 3”,8 | it an army commander (or general), it came to pass that the 15 3”,8 | else. But, making the Canon general and catholic, the Fathers 16 4”,1 | what is said of Canons in general at the commencement of this 17 4”,14| Christian man or woman in general with heretics. But as for 18 7”,13| that which they seeking in general, or indiscriminately, that 19 7”,16| the great church. And in general all churches have the number 20 7”,26| clergymen and laymen in general who are wearing them; 2) 21 7”,30| says, but only in houses in general, that is to say, more plainly 22 7”,45| enrolled in a convent, in general let them not step outside 23 7”,46| neither may any woman in general sleep at night in the monastery 24 7”,46| monks, nor may any man in general sleep at a convent mutually 25 7”,46| there. For Christians in general must not cause any others 26 7”,53| dealt with the filth in general terms, in which he pointed 27 7”,53| unlawful marriages by the general designation of them as filth ( 28 7”,61| Nor must public dances in general of women be held, nor festivals 29 7”,63| are you attempting to be a general, when you are placed in 30 7”,63| you undertaking to be a general? or a leader of soldiers? 31 7”,76| monks and ascetics, or in general any Christian layman ought 32 7”,76| merely meeting a woman in general on the street or at a house 33 7”,79| deacon, or any clergyman in general, or any layman, without 34 7”,93| Christians, but every oath in general. For the Lord says that 35 7”,93| it, he is canonized in a general way and indefinitely in 36 8”,4 | offered in the case of sins in general, to the effect that bishops, 37 8”,23| ratifying the election by the general assembly in Alexandria. 38 8”,23| however, a catholic and general axiom that all who have 39 8”,23| deeds to others, and, in general, genuine and true repentance. 40 8”,23| this is not the case in general, but only in regard to those 41 8”,23| demands this of priests in general, how much more must not 42 8”,23| bishop or of any clergymen in general, and according to a legal 43 8”,23| of a different creed in general, or, more explicitly speaking, 44 8”,23| one, but all of them in general, councils as well as everyone 45 8”,23| well as everyone else in general, “to no one,” it says, “ 46 8”,23| as written in Greek, is a general and universal adjunct (or 47 8”,23| himself had built, and not in general all parishes, as Balsamon 48 8”,23| disturbances of the peace, and in general being the cause of many 49 8”,23| that is to say), and in general any wedding that is not 50 8”,23| for it is either taken in general as applying to the Church 51 8”,23| was not anathematized in general (i.e., in toto), like what 52 8”,23| Ambrose, not, to be sure, in general, but only as many as pertained 53 8”,23| in respect of virtues in general and in respect of virginity 54 8”,23| and that it was only by a general name, and not by any law, 55 8”,23| ostiaries, and all clergymen in general that were outside of the 56 8”,23| in holy orders, arid in general only the outward honor of 57 8”,23| parish, or district, in general, but only one that is populated 58 8”,23| forty, by decreeing in a general and indefinite manner that 59 8”,23| St. Paul says, any man in general is ugly when he has hair ( 60 8”,23| hair! But if all monks in general ought to cut their hair 61 8”,23| garb affected by monks in general) can no longer throw aside 62 8”,23| to all who are chaste in general, and so on likewise, on 63 8”,23| the “Book of Days,” and in general all magical and curious 64 8”,23| stars; and, speaking in general, those who employ mathematics 65 8”,23| to this process. And, in general, all ventriloquists are 66 8”,23| who cut the saints and in general the ornaments contained 67 8”,23| in their margins. Nor in general ought anyone to write anything 68 8”,23| Accordingly, it may be said in general that the cylistra was something 69 8”,23| sellers and merchants in general robbers and thieves on account 70 8”,23| but on every Thursday in general of the week which happened 71 8”,23| ye, all ye Christians in general, who allow the bodies of 72 8”,23| eggs, and Easter foods in general, this being inferred from 73 8”,23| which forbids every oath in general, and which I will read to 74 8”,23| Paul or of angels, or in general of fellow servants, but 75 8”,23| imperiling the faith, and in general by way of upholding God 76 8”,23| baptism of all heretics in general is impious and blasphemous 77 8”,23| be done by the laity in general, how much more they are 78 8”,23| forbids men of the laity in general to shave their beard, by 79 8”,23| or sculptured figures in general. As for this kind of images, 80 8”,23| what is performed is in general the object, but that it 81 8”,23| plaster of paris figures in general, whereas those representations 82 8”,23| used by the Greeks in a general way with reference to pictures 83 8”,23| in their aisles, and in general in streets and on doors, 84 8”,23| interpreting the Epistles General, says that a sin unto death, 85 8”,23| office, but a priest in general ordains no one a cleric.

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