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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Russian canonist as the father of Orthodox canonical studies 2 1 | We believe in one God the Father Almighty, Maker of all things 3 1 | the only begotten of the Father, that is, of the substance [ 4 1 | substance [ek tes ousias] of the Father, God of God, light of light, 5 1 | same substance with the Father [homoousion to patri], through 6 1 | another substance [than the Father], or that the Son of God 7 1”,12| prelate and the spiritual father ought to examine into the 8 1”,12| mistakes, the spiritual father (i.e., the confessor) may 9 1”,13| Bishop, or even the spiritual father, with a trial, impart the 10 2”,5 | confess a single divinity of Father and of Son and of Holy Spirit.~( 11 2”,5 | confess one divinity of Father, and of Son, and of Holy 12 2”,7 | Sabellians, who teach that Father and Son are the same person, 13 2”,7 | who used to say that the Father and the Son were one and 14 3 | above motherless out of a Father, but below fatherless out 15 3 | Thus we shall find the Holy Father to have believed. Thus they 16 4 | of the same nature as the Father and of the same nature as 17 4 | of like essence with the Father as respecting divinity, 18 4 | before the ages out of the Father as respects divinity, yet 19 7”,1 | faithful outright to adore the Father and the Son and the Holy 20 7”,1 | which Proceeds out of the Father, and which is adored and 21 7”,1 | glorified together with the Father and The Son, which hath 22 7”,5 | incur blame from either the father or the mother in relation 23 7”,31| we proceed to reveal the father’s meaning Orthodoxically. 24 7”,31| and think that that divine Father, by saying there that both 25 7”,53| female) cousin; or any father and his son who likewise 26 7”,53| female) cousin, or any father and his son if they take 27 7”,75| bade us not to make His Father’s house a house of merchandise ( 28 7”,75| to make the house of his Father a house of merchandise, 29 8”,13| they stand condemned by the Father, and by the Son, and by 30 8”,13| utterance saying: “Make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise” ( 31 8”,13| Make not the house of my Father a house of merchandise,” 32 8”,20| with the Canon of our Holy Father St. Basil, and in accordance 33 8”,23| confessor (or spiritual father) ought to shed tears and 34 8”,23| that he loves sinners as a father loves his children, and 35 8”,23| opinion of an individual Father. Wherefore wise Photius 36 8”,23| declarations of any one Father or decrees of a local synod 37 8”,23| one God, not because the Father is the source of divinity, 38 8”,23| sayingGlory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to 39 8”,23| would sayGlory be to the Father through the Son in the Holy 40 8”,23| baptized in the name of the Father through the Son in the Holy 41 8”,23| all respects unlike the Father. They were led by Eunomius 42 8”,23| said the Son was like the Father in all respects and coessential 43 8”,23| and coessential with the Father, but they refused to admit 44 8”,23| neither like nor unlike the Father, but took a view midway 45 8”,23| Noetians. He asserted that the Father and the Son and the Holy 46 8”,23| was called at times the Father, and at times the Son, and 47 8”,23| a single divinity of the Father and of the Son and of the 48 8”,23| same essence that God the Father is of, out of whom It really 49 8”,23| and proceeding out of the Father, we shall agree with him, 50 8”,23| which proceedeth out of the Father” (page 580 of the first 51 8”,23| does proceed out of the Father, as declared by the Savior, 52 8”,23| proceeds, from God the Father precisely as from a wellspring, 53 8”,23| that It proceeds out of the Father, though it is said to belong 54 8”,23| Spirit proceeds out of the Father, and not out of the Son, 55 8”,23| God, begotten out of the Father, come down (out of heaven), 56 8”,23| s prayer, beginning “Our Father who art in heaven,” in all 57 8”,23| shamefacedness before the Father and the supplicants as strangers 58 8”,23| offenses only confessed to a father confessor, or plainly evident, 59 8”,23| nature than the nature of the Father; and of a different nature 60 8”,23| is inseparable from the Father’s glory, so and in like 61 8”,23| or same) essence with the Father as respecting divinity and 62 8”,23| scandals arose between the Father, who was Patriarch of Constantinople, 63 8”,23| his declaration that the Father was one God arid the Son 64 8”,23| Consequently he maintained that the Father was the greater, and that 65 8”,23| obstructed by a spiritual father as a matter of advice on 66 8”,23| his sermon to a faithful father) that young people ought 67 8”,23| Whoever hateth not his father, and mother, and wife, and 68 8”,23| seeing the nakedness of their father, as did Ham that of Noah. 69 8”,23| God” have reference to the Father, who is the God-generating 70 8”,23| power, and an arm of the Father, and the one through whom 71 8”,23| virtually crucifies the Father and the Holy Spirit along 72 8”,23| exercised over her by her father, and a slave girl be freed 73 8”,23| her by her master, if her father or her master, respectively, 74 8”,23| And note how this great Father in two words proves that 75 8”,23| Italy, like St. Ambrose, the father of monks Benedict, Gregory 76 8”,23| Tarasius replied that this Father had pointed out how angels 77 8”,23| relation to his natural father (that is why divine St. 78 8”,23| Logos in relation to God the Father). Another kind of “icon,” 79 8”,23| or begot it, seeing that father and son are two hypostases; 80 8”,23| paying adoration to the Father and the Holy Spirit, the 81 8”,23| that even the beginningless Father ought to have His picture 82 8”,23| that we do not blazon the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 83 8”,23| should we be painting the Father as well as the Holy Spirit 84 8”,23| to the effect that the Father ought not to be depicted

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