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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1 | Rules to be observed for ordination, the avoidance of undue 2 1 | Certain sins known after ordination involve invalidation. ~Canon 3 1”,4 | they should carry out the ordination thereafter. But as for the 4 1”,4 | their votes by letter in the ordination, and then let them ordain 5 1”,4 | receive notification of the ordination, must be left and referred 6 1”,4 | others say that instead of ordination we ought to know that previous 7 1”,4 | only three carry out the ordination, it must previously have 8 1”,6 | ecclesiastical affairs is ordination, the Canon accordingly adds 9 1”,9 | committed before applying for ordination, they can be defrocked according 10 1”,9 | any presbyter before his ordination committed the sin of carnal 11 1”,9 | mingling, and after his ordination confesses it, let him function 12 1”,9 | has been exposed after his ordination, he is to be ousted from 13 1”,10| the fact, and thought that ordination would purify them as does 14 1”,10| have denied Christ before ordination and have afterwards been 15 1”,10| who have denied Him after ordination; read also Ap. c. LXII.~ ~ ~ 16 1”,16| Canon departed, let the ordination be invalid.~ ~Interpretation.~ 17 1”,16| whom he departed, such an ordination is to be void and invalid. 18 1”,19| Church, since the former ordination which they had received 19 1”,19| heretics is not considered an ordination at all. For how can anyone 20 1”,19| Holy Spirit, and grace, in ordination? But if when examined they 21 1”,19| have never received any ordination at all, from what height 22 1”,19| clergymen possessed no real ordination, being destitute of divine 23 2”,2 | province to carry out an ordination or any other ecclesiastical 24 2”,4 | annulled, including the ordination conferred upon him by the 25 4”,2 | unvendible grace, and perform the ordination of a Bishop, Chorepiscopus, 26 4”,2 | derive any advantage from the ordination or nomination gained by 27 4”,6 | the course of reciting the ordination prayer, by saying “The divine 28 4”,6 | pronounced aloud in the ordination of every bishop. As for 29 4”,6 | Council has ruled that the ordination be invalid, and that those 30 4”,6 | the prelate performing the ordination contrary to the Canons be 31 4”,6 | present Canon during the ordination of a deacon or presbyter 32 4”,6 | to be an element of the ordination along with the other components 33 4”,13| recommendatory attesting both their ordination and their orthodoxy and 34 4”,15| contrary, it requires the ordination to be performed only after 35 4”,25| flocks, and postpone the ordination of the bishops subject to 36 7”,3 | likewise as for those who after ordination have involved themselves 37 7”,6 | Presbyter at all, after the ordination bestowed upon him, has permission 38 7”,6 | or Presbyter previous to ordination, let him do so.~(Ap c. XXVI; 39 7”,12| own wives even after the ordination has been conferred upon 40 7”,13| required at the time of ordination to refrain from lawful intercourse 41 7”,13| and agree at the time of ordination that after the ordination 42 7”,13| ordination that after the ordination they will have intercourse 43 7”,13| requiring their separation after ordination from intercourse with their 44 7”,14| though the candidate for ordination be otherwise quite deserving 45 7”,16| possessed, and what sort of ordination they received. This is something 46 7”,16| to be learned. Was it the ordination of Deacons? we well might 47 7”,17| disgraces him who bestowed the ordination on him, let both him and 48 7”,32| whether the candidate for ordination is or is not descended from 49 7”,36| city has been unable after ordination to take possession of his 50 7”,47| husband in advance after his ordination to the Episcopate, let her 51 8”,3 | they should carry out the ordination thereafter. But as for the 52 8”,5 | done this with a view to ordination, let him suffer in accordance 53 8”,5 | unvendible grace, and perform the ordination of a Bishop, Auxiliary Bishop, 54 8”,5 | take this gift of money for ordination, since this Canon appears 55 8”,5 | should offer such money for ordination they must be deposed from 56 8”,19| case of an Abbot who lacks ordination as a Presbyter. As regards 57 8”,23| point connected with his ordination that needed to be attended 58 8”,23| receive notification of his ordination; and either he himself will 59 8”,23| on of hands here is not ordination, as one might perhaps suppose, 60 8”,23| not, of course, with any ordination. That my words are true 61 8”,23| not with reference to any ordination. Hence spiritual fathers 62 8”,23| from his bishop for every ordination that he performs, whereas 63 8”,23| the latter executes each ordination on his own venture. So that 64 8”,23| 13) says: “in regard to ordination grace operates in them, 65 8”,23| whether they sinned before the ordination or after the ordination, 66 8”,23| ordination or after the ordination, are unworthy of holy orders. 67 8”,23| the appointment (or quasi ordination) of a deaconess consisted 68 8”,23| Alexandria, they stole the ordination and installed Maximus as 69 8”,23| in point of seniority of ordination must try the case along 70 8”,23| Council here considers this ordination to be invalid, so must c. 71 8”,23| Rome, namely, the right of ordination in the three said dioceses 72 8”,23| or deacon to marry after ordination: and also why Novel 6 of 73 8”,23| a deacon to marry after ordination, he is to be deposed from 74 8”,23| subdeacons who have married after ordination are not to be accounted 75 8”,23| be allowed to marry after ordination? The reason is told in the 76 8”,23| mutual consent, and after the ordination to enter a convent, does 77 8”,23| his wife even after the ordination. First, because as a result 78 8”,23| committed a carnal sin before ordination and has confessed it himself 79 8”,23| years, whose marriage after ordination would have been incomparably 80 8”,23| taught by others after his ordination. But see also (page 440 81 8”,23| bishop at the time of his ordination utters also the following

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