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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,7 | sacred Apostles into all the world, let him have the honor 2 1”,7 | first in nearly the whole world, but also enjoyed patriarchal 3 1”,20| all Orthodox churches the world over, it has seemed reasonable 4 7”,1 | become luminaries in the world, “holding forth the word 5 7”,1 | there be anyone in the world who does not care to hold 6 7”,1 | and who have stood in the world as life-giving luminaries. 7 7”,20| preferred the return into the world to the heavenly life.~(Ap. 8 7”,31| vivification of all the world and redemption from sins. 9 7”,31| vivification of all the world, according to that Gospel 10 7”,42| renounce and abjure the world, and to go to a monastery 11 7”,44| that perishable and flowing world whereof she has already 12 7”,44| their having abandoned the world and the things in the world, 13 7”,44| world and the things in the world, and rather with a thought 14 7”,44| because she has forsaken the world and all that is in the world.~ ~ ~ 15 7”,44| world and all that is in the world.~ ~ ~ 16 7”,81| taketh away the sin of the world Christ our God, with respect 17 7”,81| of the redemption of the world which thence accrues.~ ~ 18 7”,81| taketh away the sin of the world,” therefore and on this 19 7”,81| and the salvation of the world resulting therefrom. For, 20 7”,81| taketh away the sin of the world. But now that this truth 21 7”,98| universal basis, throughout the world, but only in Armenia, and 22 8”,1 | owned all the wealth of the world. And Thou hast commanded 23 8”,15| kinds of manual work in the world that are more decent; accordingly, 24 8”,20| relatives choose to renounce the world and to follow a solitary 25 8”,21| himself or herself to the world and to associate with indifferent 26 8”,23| again inflicted upon the world as a result of beardless 27 8”,23| authority over the whole world. Note further that owing 28 8”,23| and to be crucified to the world. It is the nature of the 29 8”,23| is the judgment of this world; now shall the ruler of 30 8”,23| shall the ruler of this world be cast out” (John 12:31). 31 8”,23| ever since the time the world began (or, as the Greek 32 8”,23| imparted it to the whole world, so and in like manner had 33 8”,23| definition to the whole world and handed it down through 34 8”,23| the monarch of the whole world and to have charge of all 35 8”,23| with the churches in the world. For according to the meaning 36 8”,23| therein, and not in the world. Hence, by way of confirming 37 8”,23| sacred acts performed in the world are to be performed by worldly 38 8”,23| sins these monks do in the world and in associating with 39 8”,23| with the desires of the world, the prelates who ordain 40 8”,23| hermitages, and go into the world in order to beg alms. For 41 8”,23| remain any longer in the world. See also the Footnote to 42 8”,23| Patriarch of the whole inhabited world and to whom was given all 43 8”,23| souls in the transmundane world have done right, they are 44 8”,23| careth for the things of the world how he may please his wife” ( 45 8”,23| enforced everywhere in the world. But as for the principle 46 8”,23| against the ruler of the world (usually called the “Devil” 47 8”,23| rejects all thoughts of the world, according to Symeon and 48 8”,23| Cyril of Jerusalem, that the world must be crucified to a monk 49 8”,23| must be crucified to the world, because of his lack of 50 8”,23| Biblical passage saying, “the world has been crucified unto 51 8”,23| unto me, and I unto the world” (Gal. 6:14). Sozomen asserts 52 8”,23| there is nothing in the world that is preferable to obeying 53 8”,23| necessitates her departing from the world and entering a convent and 54 8”,23| way growing out of this world, but to avoid imperiling 55 8”,23| of pounds of gold in the world, he would be conflicting 56 8”,23| God in vain; for the whole world, and everything that is 57 8”,23| everything that is in the world, is vain because it is paltry 58 8”,23| turns and cases of this world being nothing but vanity, 59 8”,23| visible God and creator of the world; and the third was the Devil. 60 8”,23| the Apostles and inscribeWorld” on the picture of him; 61 8”,23| whom have renounced the world and all its fantasy. Hence

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