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lived 12
lives 8
liveth 5
living 57
lix 6
loan 1
loath 1
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57 ancient
57 canonical
57 layman
57 living
57 married
57 meaning
57 nestorius

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | priest to order him to stop living with a woman, expressly 2 1 | and cometh to judge the living and the dead. And in the 3 1”,3 | it not prohibit them from living with them? For Basil the 4 1”,12| speaking of Christian soldiers living in the time of Licinius. 5 1”,13| upon as being among the living, let him stay with those 6 4”,4 | region in question.[89] Monks living in any city or village shall 7 7”,5 | those in holy orders who are living modestly have a woman staying 8 7”,12| Presidents there continue living with their own wives even 9 7”,12| being ordained, keep on living with their wives, and thus 10 7”,12| the actual result of their living together in such a manner. 11 7”,12| If any of the prelates is living with his wife, let him be 12 7”,19| accordingly change their mode of living from viciousness to virtuousness, 13 7”,26| inappropriate clothing, either when living in the city or when walking 14 7”,39| undertake the struggle of living in accordance with God, 15 7”,40| villages where they are living in cloisters, and to look 16 7”,43| matrimony and with a view to living with her (as his wife), 17 7”,55| seem that the Christians living in Armenia, being told that 18 7”,71| husband becomes sanctified by living with his believing wife, 19 7”,71| or the infidel wife by living with her believing husband. 20 7”,75| us by His conduct while living in the flesh, bade us not 21 7”,79| consecutive weeks, while living in the city, if he be a 22 7”,79| his church, while he is living in the city, fails to attend 23 7”,79| Instead of the words “while living in the city, . . . three 24 7”,79| that even a bishop who is living on his real estate, which 25 7”,96| As regards those who are living with a wife or are otherwise 26 8”,23| with women, and call such living together a fraternity.” 27 8”,23| the real reason of their living with these girls in this 28 8”,23| than that enjoyed by men living with a lawful wife. Because 29 8”,23| Because a wife allows the man living with her unrestricted intercourse 30 8”,23| with her can make the man living with her abate the passionateness 31 8”,23| desire is aroused in men living with such girls, first, 32 8”,23| as subintroducti and are living with them. Hence it is that 33 8”,23| monk, should refrain from living with such young men. In 34 8”,23| thus: “A patriarch is a living image of Christ and animate, 35 8”,23| changed their manner of living, and everything is finished. 36 8”,23| and change his manner of living, for one to avail himself 37 8”,23| of John of Antioch. While living there the scoundrel experienced 38 8”,23| ordained in the place of a living bishop unless the latter 39 8”,23| ordained after the cause of the living one be investigated and 40 8”,23| for the Greeks who were living in a state of constant fornication 41 8”,23| persons used to continue living, as the Council says, with 42 8”,23| because as a result of living with her he may become so 43 8”,23| of the scandal which such living together causes the laity, 44 8”,23| that side of the body were living, and life-producing because 45 8”,23| is not hot, represent the living Divinity as dead, as well 46 8”,23| present Canon that monks living in monasteries and coenobitic 47 8”,23| much more ought young monks living in monasteries or cells, 48 8”,23| these incongruities those living in cities, and especially 49 8”,23| cities, and especially those living in the imperial capital 50 8”,23| renunciation not merely of living particulars, but, what is 51 8”,23| serve as reminders of the living and dead, but the tessaracosta, 52 8”,23| bring forth reptiles of living souls” (Gen. 1:20). Therefore 53 8”,23| they themselves are now living on the other hand, and let 54 8”,23| God, for the strong, the living God” (Ps. 42:2), in which 55 8”,23| Mighty,” while the wordliving” is equivalent to the word “ 56 8”,23| Patricius Valerianus, who was living in those times, had died 57 8”,23| original is an animate and living human being, whereas his

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