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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | even after reminded by the prelate or by his fellow clergymen, 2 1”,5 | mistake that either the prelate has made in dealing with 3 1”,5 | laity have shown towards the prelate, is dissolved, in order 4 1”,10| God-deniers, either because the prelate who ordained them did not 5 1”,12| Besides all this, however, the prelate and the spiritual father 6 1”,12| to this concession, the prelate is permitted to show them 7 1”,18| down in the Bema before the Prelate makes his entrance. Note 8 4”,6 | to be mentioned by the prelate in the course of reciting 9 4”,6 | region; in order that the prelate performing the ordination 10 4”,8 | disrespectfulness to the prelate and refusing to submit to 11 4”,26| spent, and to prevent the prelate from arousing any suspicion 12 4”,26| of the church. As for any prelate that fails to live up to 13 4”,26| divine Canons. But just as a prelate ought to have a steward 14 4”,29| through the invocation of the prelate churches and temples and 15 7”,12| decree that from now on no prelate may live with his wife after 16 7”,30| houses must be appointed by a prelate. Anyone that dares to officiate 17 7”,32| of an anagnost from the prelate. If anyone does anything 18 8”,4 | present Canon commands that no prelate or bishop shall seek to 19 8”,7 | dedication.[273] As for any prelate that consecrates a temple 20 8”,14| tonsure of an Anagnost from a prelate; therefore the present Canon 21 8”,14| imposition of the hands of a prelate, to ordain Anagnosts (or 22 8”,18| outside the Church. So if any prelate or abbot should be caught 23 8”,18| should be any women, and the prelate or the abbot should go there 24 8”,21| except only in case the prelate wished to transfer him to 25 8”,23| without the blessing of a prelate, or of a priest, nor to 26 8”,23| bowing her head while the prelate laid his hand upon her, 27 8”,23| in front. That when the prelate recited over them the words “ 28 8”,23| their head. Afterwards the prelate would place on their neck 29 8”,23| deacons, and, after the prelate communed the others, they 30 8”,23| observation that in case a prelate wishing to resign from his 31 8”,23| there is no excuse for a prelate’s resigning from his province, 32 8”,23| clergymen performed by the prelate is called by Balsamon the 33 8”,23| layman and a sheep, whereas a prelate, even though he displays 34 8”,23| occupies the position of a prelate. Hence it behoves the sheep 35 8”,23| question asked him by the prelate, he may be ordained; but 36 8”,23| observed in the Church, for a prelate must be adorned with perfect 37 8”,23| man about to be ordained a prelate to get a divorce from him 38 8”,23| marriage, but ordains any man a prelate that it finds free and unbound 39 8”,23| agreement; and it deposes any prelate that continues to live with 40 8”,23| Abimelech (or Abiathar) the prelate (or high priest), when about 41 8”,23| Councils, like any other prelate, just as Pelagius II states. 42 8”,23| receive communion from the prelate or priest after the deacons. 43 8”,23| read in the liturgy, the Prelate would give a teaching (or 44 8”,23| also say that after the prelate or priest has celebrated 45 8”,23| appointed to do so by the prelate, the particular place in 46 8”,23| antimensia are consecrated by the prelate to this end that they may 47 8”,23| the limit, but gave the prelate leave to increase them, 48 8”,23| person intending to become a prelate be taught the divine Scriptures 49 8”,23| building must be performed by a prelate in accordance with the ordinance 50 8”,23| of dedication, specify a prelate or bishop, and not a mere 51 8”,23| dedicating any temple, the prelate alone takes them from there, 52 8”,23| out par excellence by a prelate, but if necessary it may 53 8”,23| with the permission of a prelate. Balsamon, furthermore, 54 8”,23| furthermore, says that a prelate ought not to officiate in 55 8”,23| Epistle). But as a certain prelate officiated in such a temple 56 8”,23| improvement and correction, a prelate may transfer virtuous monks,

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