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57 whole
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56 liturgy
56 prayer
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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| years they shall join in prayer with the laity. That is 2 1”,13| those who participate in prayer only. In general, moreover, 3 1”,14| came for the catechumensprayer, according to c. XIX of 4 1”,14| after they had said this prayer under their breath (or, 5 1”,19| does not deprive her of prayer and communion with the faithful. 6 4”,4 | heed only to fasting and prayer, while continuing in the 7 4”,6 | reciting the ordination prayer, by saying “The divine grace 8 7”,16| will apply ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the 9 7”,16| Apostles busied themselves in prayer and the service of teaching. 10 7”,27| the season with a special prayer and hands them out to the 11 7”,30| dwelling, or in a house of prayer, or one called an oratory 12 7”,30| an oratory and devoted to prayer, which has not been consecrated 13 7”,74| i.e., into the psalmody and prayer that are framed mentally 14 7”,75| shall be called a house of prayer’ (Isa. 56:7); but ye have 15 7”,88| Passion with fasting and prayer and contrition must cease 16 7”,88| Passion with fasting[226] and prayer and contrition of the heart — 17 8”,7 | together with the usual prayer. Let anyone, then, that 18 8”,7 | while at the same time the prayer is said which relates thereto 19 8”,8 | admitted to communion, nor to prayer, nor to church, but shall 20 8”,8 | to join in communion or prayer with, or even admit into 21 8”,23| when they read to them the prayer for pardon, as c. XXXV of 22 8”,23| the priest ought with a prayer to seal his lips and his 23 8”,23| be read before the Lord’s prayer, beginning “Our Father who 24 8”,23| in his liturgies, in the prayer of the cherubic hymn, which 25 8”,23| the cherubic hymn, which prayer includes the following words: “ 26 8”,23| keeping vigil, and with a prayer he begged St. Peter if there 27 8”,23| erected he shall utter a prayer and plant a cross therein; 28 8”,23| must also bless, and say a prayer designed to grant a pardon, 29 8”,23| liturgical services in a house of prayer without his consent and 30 8”,23| in addition thereto, the prayer of the prothesis. Afterwards 31 8”,23| reprimand) with fasting, prayer, and genuflections. Balsamon, 32 8”,23| holy table, and read the prayer of the prothesis, and thus 33 8”,23| make a union, and say the prayer of the prothesis, and repeat 34 8”,23| desires. As for the special prayer found printed in the book 35 8”,23| great habit afterwards, that prayer, I say, though it is contrite 36 8”,23| ridiculously at a loss for a prayer and a blessing. But if anyone 37 8”,23| Let us fulfill our evening prayer (or devotion) to the Lord,” 38 8”,23| laity commences morning prayer in the nighttime . . . . 39 8”,23| that psalmody differs from prayer, since psalmody is done 40 8”,23| done with singing, whereas prayer is done without singing. 41 8”,23| contrary is done, and our prayer is the psalter read aloud, 42 8”,23| means of the mind alone prayer.~ ~ [214] Instead of the 43 8”,23| converting the house of prayer into a cave of robbers and 44 8”,23| pronounce blessings, and utter a prayer for pardon, and officiate 45 8”,23| or having had a special prayer said over it, we at once 46 8”,23| pictures neither has any sacred prayer sanctifying it, in order 47 8”,23| not say that any special prayer is said over the icons, 48 8”,23| benefit from) any special prayer, but, on the contrary from 49 8”,23| without having any special prayer said over it; and we believe 50 8”,23| do not need any special prayer or any application of myron ( 51 8”,23| Church). Do you see that the prayer which is read over holy 52 8”,23| For this reason no such prayer can be found anywhere in 53 8”,23| we have noticed that this prayer is not even found in Euchologia 54 8”,23| do not need any special prayer or application of myron ( 55 8”,23| myron and never any special prayer said over them, and yet, 56 8”,23| the saying of any special prayer by a bishop. We must note

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