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Alphabetical    [«  »]
having 197
havoc 1
he 1077
head 52
heading 4
headless 1
headman 1
Frequency    [«  »]
53 apostolic
53 received
52 due
52 head
52 imperial
52 inasmuch
52 point

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,17| to the Exarch and chief head of the diocese (whose function, 2 4”,17| had letters from the chief head. Read also the Interpretations 3 4”,27| the viciousness of their head and their bad judgment.[ 4 7”,1 | and arrogantly opined the head of lordship to be a servant 5 7”,20| tonsure the hair of their head, or, in other words, let 6 7”,20| patch”) at the point of the head, which was a guise and token 7 7”,20| must let the hair of their head grow back like worldlings, 8 7”,41| growth of hair on their head go about the cities and 9 7”,41| and growing hair on their head, roamed round cities, mixing 10 7”,63| Why are you becoming a head, when you happen to be a 11 7”,63| why are you trying to be a head? Being a soldier, why are 12 7”,93| Jerusalem, nor by our own head; but, instead of any oath, 13 7”,95| dress the hair of their head by contriving to plait or 14 7”,95| braid the hair of their head, and comb it and wave it 15 7”,95| topknot from the hair of his head — or, in other words, a 16 7”,95| circle the face of your head.” Aquila, on the other hand, 17 7”,95| encircle the crown of your head.” So the conclusion from 18 8”,4 | shall return upon his own head” (Ps. 7:16), as transgressor 19 8”,19| appointed to stand at the head of the laymen, both with 20 8”,23| the Bishop anointed their head with holy oil, and the deacon 21 8”,23| consisted in her bowing her head while the prelate laid his 22 8”,23| deacons, but only bowed their head. Afterwards the prelate 23 8”,23| their feet up and their head down. He also pratingly 24 8”,23| pay allegiance to any one head, but some to one, and some 25 8”,23| chargeable to and falls upon the head of those who ordained them” ( 26 8”,23| same Basil says for the head of the monastery to send 27 8”,23| brother has returned, the head of the institution must 28 8”,23| and to regard him as their head, and since cc. VI and VII 29 8”,23| Constantinople as their chief and head, and ought to come under 30 8”,23| were without a governing head, according to the letter 31 8”,23| the right to wear upon his head a brilliant riband in place 32 8”,23| hair at the point of the head, similar to a wreath. It 33 8”,23| unskillfully cut the hair of the head above and a little below, 34 8”,23| shaving the hair from the head above and below, and cutting 35 8”,23| halo at the point of the head, let them learn it from 36 8”,23| as the Great Week is the head and greater than all the 37 8”,23| again is Great Saturday the head of the Great Week. The fact 38 8”,23| Isaiah that shaving the head is a sign of mourning and 39 8”,23| cut off the hair of their head, a fact which denotes that 40 8”,23| have rejected from their head any and every worldly concern 41 8”,23| say this out of his own head, but has translated it from 42 8”,23| hung dyed cords from the head and all the body of these 43 8”,23| emperors wore upon their head and took greater pride in 44 8”,23| worn by clerics on their head — in vogue among the Westerners, 45 8”,23| but not even on his own head, by commanding that unless 46 8”,23| then, get it into your head and understand from this 47 8”,23| not put a razor to their head at all, nor cut the hair 48 8”,23| nor cut the hair of their head, but let it grow long enough 49 8”,23| wigs or “rats” on their head. This excommunication is 50 8”,23| spurious tresses on your head, women,~While petting soft 51 8”,23| her face, and attired her head, and peeped through the 52 8”,23| be flogged and have hos head of hair shorn off, and afterwards

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