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xcviii 8
xenaeas 1
xi 31
xii 50
xiii 35
xiphilinus 1
xiv 39
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50 picture
50 virgin
50 worthy
50 xii
49 acts
49 age
49 letters

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,4 | Antioch; c. VI of Sardican; c. XII of Laodicea; and cc. XII, 2 1”,4 | XII of Laodicea; and cc. XII, LVIII, LIX of Carthage.)~ ~ 3 1”,5 | sometime in autumn.~(Ap. cc. XII, XIII, XXXII, XXXVII; c. 4 1”,5 | i.e., Ap. c. XXXII or even XII) decrees, to wit, that persons 5 1”,7 | That is to say, just as c. XII of Chalcedon prescribes 6 1”,8 | cc. I, XLVII of Basil; c. XII of Theophilus; c. XIV of 7 1”,10| Ap. c. LXII; cc. I, III, XII of Ancyra; c. X of Peter.)~ ~ 8 1”,10| redemption, in accordance with c. XII of Ancyra. All those persons, 9 2”,2 | Antioch; cc. III, XI, and XII of Sardica.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 10 2”,6 | court. But, besides this, c. XII of Antioch expressly decrees 11 3”,8 | of Antioch; cc. III, IX, XII of Sardica). ~79(Ap. c. 12 4”,2 | 7th; c. XCI of Basil; c. XII of Laodicea; the letters 13 4”,9 | XV of Antioch; cc. VIII, XII, XIV, XV, XXVII, XXVIII, 14 4”,11| under suspicion.~(Ap. cc. XII, XXXIII; c. XIII of the 15 4”,13| their own Bishop.~(Ap. cc. XII, XV.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 16 4”,13| interpretations of Ap. cc. XII and XV, together with the 17 4”,17| XV of Antioch; cc. VIII, XII, XIV, XV, XVI, XXVII, XXVIII, 18 4”,24| c. XLIX of the 6th; cc. XII, XIX of the 7th; c. I of 19 4”,24| protected and managed. Canon XII of the 7th also prohibits 20 4”,25| of the lst-&-2nd; cc. XI, XII of Sardica; cc. LXXIX, LXXXII, 21 4”,26| cc. XXXVIII, XL; cc. XI, XII of the 7th; cc. XXIV, XXV 22 7 | its c. XXXI in its own c. XII. They are also confirmed 23 7”,17| deposed from office.~(Ap. cc. XII, XV, XXXII; cc. XV, XVI 24 7”,17| office. Read also Ap. cc. XII and XV.~ ~ ~ 25 7”,20| of Antioch; cc. III, XI, XII of Sardica.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 26 7”,26| c. XVI of the 7th; cc. XII, XXI of Gangra.)~ ~Interpretation.[ 27 7”,26| Though it is true that c. XII of Gangra anathematizes 28 7”,29| their mind.~(Ap. c. V; cc. XII, XIII, XLVIII of the 6th; 29 7”,29| Read also Ap. c.V, cc. XII and XIII of the 6th.~ ~ ~ 30 7”,30| XXXIV, LIX of the 6th; c. XII, XIII, XIV, XV of the lst-&- 31 7”,30| lst-&-2nd Council in its c. XII, and confirmed, and that 32 7”,38| Ap. c. XXXIV; cc. VI, XII of the 1st; cc. II, III, 33 7”,47| Read also Ap. c. V, and c. XII of the 6th, and the second 34 7”,79| also to bishops. Just as c. XII of the same Sardican Council, 35 8”,11| c. XXVI of the 4th; c. XII of the 7th; c. VII of the 36 8”,13| c. XLIX of the 6th; cc. XII, XIX of the 7th; c. I of 37 8”,16| c. XXVII of the 6th; cc. XII, XXI of Gangra.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 38 8”,23| expired, according to c. XII of Neocaesarea, c. XLVII 39 8”,23| 6th, and cc. III, XI, and XII of Sardica, and c. IX of 40 8”,23| Photius, too, in Title XII and Title XIII, says that 41 8”,23| concludes. For according to c. XII of the present Council, 42 8”,23| according to ch. 39, Title XII, Book LX, anyone seizes 43 8”,23| Barbary — as appears in Canons XII, XIII, XVIII, XXIX, XXXV, 44 8”,23| Barbary. That explains why c. XII of the present Council mentions 45 8”,23| explained in connection with c. XII, and especially in order 46 8”,23| in accordance with cc. XII and LXXXIX of Basil, and 47 8”,23| Armenopoulos, Book IV, Title XII). These facts having been 48 8”,23| also the Footnote to c. XII of Laodicea. But we mention 49 8”,23| Nicephorus Callistus, Book XII, ch. 41. Hence let priests 50 8”,23| Fathers, and especially by c. XII of the 1st, q.v. The fact

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