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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 3 | the muddy and heretical water from the outpourings of 2 7”,28| up to midnight to drink water, and thereafter they must 3 7”,31| sacred table, without mixing water with it, on the alleged 4 7”,31| account did He not drink water after He rose, but wine? — 5 7”,31| there were some who used water in the Mysteries, He showed 6 7”,31| vine produces wine, not water. Hence they infer that the 7 7”,31| disallowed the offering of water in the sacred sacrifice ( 8 7”,31| old one, wherein they use water alone instead of wine in 9 7”,31| his hands, he taught that water should be admixed whenever 10 7”,31| exuded a mixture of blood and water, which mixture was shed, 11 7”,31| is to be filled full of water and wine in the Divine Liturgy. 12 7”,31| bread and wine, mixed with water. If, therefore, any Bishop, 13 7”,31| the Apostles, and, mixing water with wine, thus to offer 14 7”,31| without combining it with water in accordance with the tradition 15 7”,31| these words the admixture of water in the Mysteries, therefore, 16 7”,31| the Aquarians, who used water alone in the Eucharistic 17 7”,31| sacrifice of the Mysteries water must be mixed with the wine 18 7”,31| representing the blood and water which emerged from the precious 19 7”,31| came there out blood and water” (John 19:34).[161] But 20 7”,31| filled full of wine and water. In addition, the Fathers 21 7”,31| the hierurgy fails to mix water with the wine, in accordance 22 7”,67| damaged by bookworms or water or in some other way. Anyone 23 7”,87| in order to enable men to water their animals (Luke ch. 24 8”,23| him a sprinkling of holy water and a bit of holy bread ( 25 8”,23| Eucharistic bread and wine and water, and to those not present 26 8”,23| anything else but bread, water, salt, and vegetables, without 27 8”,23| after being mixed with water, was wont to be given to 28 8”,23| that is to say, who offered water instead of wine — had as 29 8”,23| that it spurted blood and water, the blood like that of 30 8”,23| being but the accompanying water like that of a supernatural 31 8”,23| made a law for blood and water to be placed in the holy 32 8”,23| Constaninople say, that this water be poured in hot and boiling 33 8”,23| partaking of the blood and water while thus hot, may be disposed 34 8”,23| Greek, signifies boiling water. That is why divine Nicephorus 35 8”,23| liturgy without boiling hot water. The Latins, on the other 36 8”,23| conduct their mass with water that is not hot, represent 37 8”,23| be careful and put less water in the chalice when first 38 8”,23| chalice when first pouring water in at the time of the prothesis, 39 8”,23| pour in more of the hot water for two reasons: both in 40 8”,23| the mixture of wine and water may be moderate, and not 41 8”,23| the chalice with excessive water. It is fitting in regard 42 8”,23| cup (or glass) of wine and water, they are to wash out their 43 8”,23| the hand or into a bowl of water, or by sacrifices and other 44 8”,23| where men and women place water and various fruits in vessels 45 8”,23| mean bread and salt and water being partaken of then towards 46 8”,23| celebrated the Mysteries with water alone, like the Aquarians, 47 8”,23| pure wax, holy oil, and water of sanctification, and that 48 8”,23| perfection. So, the necessary water having been put into the 49 8”,23| Jew entered it again, the water vanished instantly and completely;

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