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necess 1
necessaries 3
necessarily 9
necessary 43
necessary1 1
necessitates 1
necessities 2
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43 fail
43 greeks
43 matters
43 necessary
43 photius
43 reign
43 wives

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | ancient customs; it was necessary to issue regulations intended 2 Intro | of the texts, also giving necessary clarifications. When required, 3 Intro | However, we believe it is necessary to note this book because 4 Intro | modification possess the necessary authority.59 It is still 5 Intro | authority.59 It is still necessary to take into account the 6 1 | A large place was indeed necessary to receive such an assembly, 7 1”,1 | on this account it became necessary that it be made the subject 8 1”,4 | previous thereto and properly necessary thereto the election signifies 9 1”,4 | installed” as previously necessary is a comprehensive term 10 1”,13| deprived of the final and most necessary[25] equipment (or viaticum). 11 1”,13| last and final and most necessary equipment for that journey 12 2”,2 | make up a synod, or it was necessary for some scholarly bishop 13 4 | Seventh; which Canons are necessary for the decorum and constitutional 14 4”,19| every indispensable and necessary occupation, they are to 15 4”,19| health and free from any necessary care, fail to attend the 16 7 | purpose of promulgating necessary Canons relating to correction 17 7”,8 | every indispensable and necessary occupation, they are to 18 7”,8 | health, and free from every necessary care, and fail to present 19 7”,45| make any replies that are necessary, while they themselves stay 20 8”,2 | commandments, but He even makes it necessary for him to copy it himself 21 8”,21| this should occur, it is necessary that he or she be afforded 22 8”,23| curtailed on account of necessary circumstances. That is why 23 8”,23| a laying on of hands is necessary to the mystery of repentance. 24 8”,23| the perfect last and most necessary,” etc.~ ~ [26] Dionysius 25 8”,23| 67, that it was the more necessary and urgent to ascertain 26 8”,23| Ephesus provided that it was necessary to decree that the Church 27 8”,23| pressed to add these most necessary words, as much more for 28 8”,23| journey in quest of the necessary wants of the convent of 29 8”,23| were remote, while two were necessary and proximates: 1) Since 30 8”,23| their exigencies, and it was necessary for them first to meet the 31 8”,23| Saturday, which is more necessary? Indeed, if they cannot 32 8”,23| other place where it becomes necessary to perform sacred rites, 33 8”,23| the present Canon and most necessary to priests that we add in 34 8”,23| case there should arise any necessary circumstance, such as that 35 8”,23| is one to do when it is necessary to swear (take oath)?” And 36 8”,23| if all of them were not necessary for our salvation, it would 37 8”,23| that this Council found it necessary to renew the Canon of the 38 8”,23| baptized, this Council found it necessary to renew the Canon of the 39 8”,23| of reverence. It is not necessary to anoint the holy icons 40 8”,23| with Christ. It is also necessary that we add also this to 41 8”,23| excellence by a prelate, but if necessary it may be carried out even 42 8”,23| and to perfection. So, the necessary water having been put into 43 8”,23| time and place; and it is necessary that everything be decent

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