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oaths 25
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42 beginning
42 could
42 leave
42 oath
42 ones
42 ordain
42 question

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 4”,18| bound themselves with an oath that they will neither eat 2 7”,93| Greeks. Wherefore no such oath, nor indeed any other oath 3 7”,93| oath, nor indeed any other oath taken in the face of an 4 7”,93| to Christians, but every oath in general. For the Lord 5 7”,93| head; but, instead of any oath, we are to say only yea, 6 7”,93| XXIX says that swearing an oath is forbidden once for all, 7 7”,93| and so much the more that oath which is taken with a view 8 7”,93| of their having taken an oath all too rashly and not to 9 7”,93| Presbyter Kyriakos by an oath contravening the legislation 10 7”,93| necessity that he violated the oath, he is penanced six years; 11 7”,93| because that man had taken the oath as a result of violence 12 7”,93| there where he had taken the oath; and 3) he adds that he 13 7”,93| repent because he took an oath. But as for all perjurers 14 8”,23| sureties they might take an oath that they would not leave 15 8”,23| other hand, we left out the oath on the ground that it was 16 8”,23| require anyone to take an oath, either to God or to the 17 8”,23| necessary to swear (take oath)?” And he replies: “Wherever 18 8”,23| reverent person, swore an oath. Well, if you want to, you 19 8”,23| was the one who took an oath. For even those who are 20 8”,23| supposed to have taken an oath are supposed to be so great, 21 8”,23| law which forbids every oath in general, and which I 22 8”,23| class the man who takes an oath with the Evil One (by which 23 8”,23| judge a person who takes an oath because some fellow servant 24 8”,23| servant before him took an oath as a result of indolence, 25 8”,23| case they swear any other oath than yea, yea and nay, nay; 26 8”,23| happen to take any such oath. But even Chrysostom himself ( 27 8”,23| discourse 28 concerning an oath) condemns to the same penances 28 8”,23| permit anyone to take an oath in the name of God, but 29 8”,23| since in such a case the oath would be one involving the 30 8”,23| oaths, but not a veritable oath, as St. Chrysostom says. ( 31 8”,23| talents by taking a true oath, did not, however, take 32 8”,23| did not, however, take an oath, but, instead, paid the 33 8”,23| the civil laws, after an oath has been investigated, that 34 8”,23| with those perjurers whose oath has been scrutinized, assigns 35 8”,23| but as for those whose oath has not been investigated 36 8”,23| borne in mind, too, that an oath taken on the holy Gospel 37 8”,23| believed even without an oath. For anyone that is capable 38 8”,23| to be believed without an oath, then neither is he worthy 39 8”,23| matter of superfluity for an oath to be taken in any case. 40 8”,23| trustworthy witnesses to take an oath. Moreover the 7th Ecum. 41 8”,23| not compel him to take an oath; but if you know that he 42 8”,23| prohibit anyone from taking an oath and who assert that swearing

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