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knew 7
kniga 1
knocked 2
know 38
knowest 3
knowing 12
knowingly 2
Frequency    [«  »]
38 dositheus
38 giving
38 injunctions
38 know
38 logos
38 might
38 nothing

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | Greeks; among the Latins we know only Hosius of Cordova, 2 1”,4 | of ordination we ought to know that previous thereto and 3 1”,10| who ordained them did not know about the denial, or because, 4 1”,18| the priests do, since they know well enough that they are 5 3”,8 | result of developments, we know not how, he turned in an 6 7”,1 | this, that they neither know how nor can by any means 7 7”,7 | sacred orders, since we know spiritual dignities to be 8 8”,2 | bishop shall by all means know the psalter, in order that 9 8”,2 | Scripture, and not only to know these, but also to conduct 10 8”,23| of them allege indeed,~I know not whether to allow them 11 8”,23| plainly visible to those who know history, for they have been 12 8”,23| to say, “that he did not know that there can be but one 13 8”,23| learning things would like to know the particular way in which 14 8”,23| in paraphrase, “we do not know how and why he came to turn 15 8”,23| said to Eulogius: “Do you know why I came? I came in order 16 8”,23| interpreted it correctly. Know, then, that you did me a 17 8”,23| judgment (i.e., that He did not know precisely when it would 18 8”,23| rebuke them, said: “But know ye not that they have sent 19 8”,23| these thirty Canons; but I know not how it came about that 20 8”,23| Catechism, page 133, says, I know not on what grounds, that 21 8”,23| mentioned in this Canon (I dont know for what reason; perhaps 22 8”,23| catholic, Canon. And how do we know about this? First, from 23 8”,23| i.e., Julian), going to know these things (sc. the Evangelical 24 8”,23| something that he does not know, but that it is not subject 25 8”,23| wise, neither do old men know how to judge; but it is 26 8”,23| and angelic habit. We must know, too, that in the beginning 27 8”,23| monachal habit. The Fathers know of no little habit of monks, 28 8”,23| the church; and you dont know that on this very account 29 8”,23| unthinking man? Dont you know that by what you are doing 30 8”,23| of them must be kept. We know that in the Old Testament 31 8”,23| take an oath; but if you know that he is a liar, do not 32 8”,23| the poor wretches do not know that by what they are doing 33 8”,23| One ought, however, to know that in the Western Church 34 8”,23| Dositheus calls Theodore, I know not why) had been exiled 35 8”,23| blissful, or blesses, those who know and admit and recognize, 36 8”,23| letters to those who do not know these, prophecies of Prophets, 37 8”,23| and invisible. We ought to know, though, that an unpainted 38 8”,23| favor, but because they know him to be orthodox and sober (

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