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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | existing customary law with its local variants, many factors since 2 Intro | was very strong in each local Church. In the fourth century, 3 Intro | Chalcedon as well as of those local councils accepted by these 4 Intro | Zonaras put the canons of the local councils and of the Holy 5 Intro | canonical legislation of the local synods contained in the 6 Intro | presented as an act involving a local and limited situation; can 7 1”,5 | appeared reasonable to hold local synods twice a year in each 8 2”,2 | supply what is missing for a local synod. Which, though contrary 9 2”,7 | accordance with c. XXXIX of the local synod or regional council 10 3 | they had received from many local synods and regional councils, 11 3”,8 | with the permission of the local bishop. In addition the 12 4”,1 | regional Council or any local Synod, should continue in 13 4”,9 | they are to be tried by the local bishop alone. But a single 14 4”,16| made it a rule that the local Bishop is to have control 15 4”,16| excommunicated. But let the local bishop have the power to 16 7”,2 | the regional Councils and local Synods named.[133] And d) 17 7”,20| that is to say, of the local bishop, since this public 18 7”,30| obtained the consent of the local Bishop to do this, we decree 19 7”,30| permission and consent of the local bishop: because this would 20 7”,40| by test of trial by the local president. It is wishable, 21 7”,40| with the blessing of the local Bishop. But apart from the 22 7”,40| blessing and permission of the local bishop. But if without having 23 7”,56| in accordance with some local custom.~ ~ ~ 24 8”,17| him be prevented by the local bishop. But if he has the 25 8”,23| the faith. Canon 25 of the local council held in Agatha in 26 8”,23| one Father or decrees of a local synod or regional council ( 27 8”,23| imposition of the hand. This local synod, or regional council, 28 8”,23| improve upon Canons of many local and regional Councils and 29 8”,23| Some Canons of certain local Synods are cxcepted, which 30 8”,23| because it did not mention the local Synods held in the West, 31 8”,23| accepted all the Canons of local Synods and regional Councils 32 8”,23| remembered that most of the local Synods and regional Councils 33 8”,23| forbidden to prelates, but by a local, and not by a catholic, 34 8”,23| to Gorgonias, and by the local Council, or Synod, held 35 8”,23| ought to be destroyed by the local judge, as Book VIII of the 36 8”,23| as is decreed by the local Synod held in the city of 37 8”,23| according to the Synod, or local Council, held in the year

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