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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,14| is defined as meaning to teach beginners the faith by word 2 2”,7 | and the Sabellians, who teach that Father and Son are 3 3”,4 | should dare to believe or teach the dogma, or doctrine, 4 4 | Jesus Christ, did explicitly teach us, and the Symbol (i.e., 5 7”,1 | by the (Holy) Spirit, we teach them outright to our posterity; 6 7”,1 | piety condemned those who teach their laities outright the 7 7”,14| thirtieth year and began to teach the preachment of the Gospel. (“ 8 7”,19| especially on Sundays, must teach all the Clergy and the laity 9 7”,19| also the Presbyters, must teach all the Clergy and the laity 10 7”,19| benefit. But such men must not teach with their own words and 11 7”,20| 20.~ Let not any Bishop teach publicly in another city 12 7”,20| Canon) for any bishop to teach openly and publicly in a 13 7”,20| a strange bishop may not teach publicly, because if he 14 7”,57| to do this, in order to teach him not to think in excess 15 7”,63| publicly make a speech or teach, thus investing himself 16 7”,63| something else; let one man teach, and let another man learn; 17 7”,69| I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to exercise authority 18 7”,69| by God, was the first to teach Adam once, in Paradise, 19 7”,69| theirs of letting women teach and sing and govern in their 20 7”,69| were never permitted to teach or to chant in the church 21 8”,2 | hold intercourse with and teach the laity about him. For 22 8”,2 | and not care to do and teach thus, he must not be ordained. 23 8”,2 | the psalter, in order to teach his laity therefrom so that 24 8”,2 | as they prescribe, and to teach his fold in accordance with 25 8”,2 | these things himself, and to teach others too, let him not 26 8”,2 | a clergyman, must first teach him the Canons of the sacred 27 8”,10| cares, but rather let them teach the children and slaves 28 8”,23| have not allowed women to teach in church (because St. Paul 29 8”,23| I suffer not a woman to teach”), how can anyone permit 30 8”,23| it that you are trying to teach old men before you have 31 8”,23| Alexius Comnenus, used to teach every Sunday. That is why 32 8”,23| this reason, let her not teach.” And again: “For so silent 33 8”,23| commanded the Apostles to teach the faithful to keep not 34 8”,23| and of their beard, to teach the laity not to be body-lovers 35 8”,23| 2) the fact that they teach letters to those who do 36 8”,23| thing for one who ought to teach others to be taught by others

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