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logothete 3
lone 3
long 54
longer 35
longing 5
longingly 1
longsuffering 1
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35 12
35 15
35 forth
35 longer
35 moreover
35 off
35 unto

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | these conditions, it was no longer possible to appeal solely 2 Intro | an ancient canon ought no longer to be applied? In principle, 3 1”,2 | catechumen needs more time and a longer trial after baptism. The 4 1”,8 | baptism a sinner could no longer have mercy bestowed upon 5 2”,6 | the emperor, he shall no longer have any right to submit 6 4”,9 | within a year, they shall no longer have the right to present 7 4”,10| thus translated, let him no longer receive any apportionment 8 4”,14| baptized them, let them no longer have any right to baptize 9 4”,14| not to baptize them any longer with the heretical baptism, 10 4”,16| dedicated his body to God, no longer has control over what has 11 4”,17| reclaimed it, it shall no longer be subject to being reclaimed 12 7”,29| cohabit with their wives any longer in any way: for one thing, 13 7”,40| shut up and it shall no longer be possible for them to 14 7”,40| to be shut up and are no longer to have permission to get 15 7”,44| henceforth this shall no longer be done. For it is not pious 16 7”,48| Monastery, and that they can no longer become worldly resorts, 17 7”,86| another man, she can no longer return to her first husband ( 18 7”,95| as to avoid bearing any longer any sign of the wickedness 19 8”,23| Russia). But he too is no longer. Although it is a fact that 20 8”,23| in that case it will not longer signifyvision of peace,” 21 8”,23| short time, let it be no longer bandaged. But if it has 22 8”,23| let it be bandaged for a longer time, even for more than 23 8”,23| after being installed he no longer lives for himself, but for 24 8”,23| having resigned them he no longer possessed them; and justly 25 8”,23| Exarch of the diocese are no longer active or in effect, the 26 8”,23| the habit and remain any longer in the world. See also the 27 8”,23| invalid and void and no longer in force. For when at any 28 8”,23| intercourse with her, which is no longer lawful intercourse, as it 29 8”,23| of Basil, and they can no longer return to the holy orders 30 8”,23| monks in general) can no longer throw aside their rason 31 8”,23| as to remove any that is longer than the rest, or more crooked; 32 8”,23| to the eye alone, they no longer appear to be, nor have they 33 8”,23| to be, nor have they any longer any right to be called, 34 8”,23| effaced — i.e., so as to be no longer recognizable — the wooden 35 8”,23| then he is to separate, no longer as from brethren, but as

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