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courage 2
courageously 2
courageousness 1
course 33
court 11
courtesy 1
courts 9
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33 concord
33 confirmed
33 correct
33 course
33 dignity
33 forbidden
33 former

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | reprintings, without, of course, the far-fetched additions 2 Intro | canonical collections. It is, of course, these works that we have 3 1”,2 | on the other hand, in the course of time any psychical (i.e., 4 1”,19| be deposed? From none, of course. Or perhaps it means for 5 2”,6 | the same penalty if in the course of the trial it be proved 6 3”,8 | reasonable enough. Yet in the course of time a bitter and unendurable 7 3”,8 | such had been the case, of course the Council would not have 8 4”,6 | mentioned by the prelate in the course of reciting the ordination 9 4”,17| 101] But if during the course of the thirty years there 10 4”,21| them simply as a matter of course and without any previous 11 7”,15| to be judged by like, of course both an Anagnost and a Bishop 12 7”,16| the Book of Acts. In the course of fittingly harmonizing 13 7”,16| Apostles” (Acts 6:16). In the course of interpreting this passage, 14 7”,28| served to break the usual course of eating dry things on 15 7”,28| dry things, including, of course, Great Thursday itself.[ 16 7”,69| the church. They may, of course, sing and chant in their 17 7”,70| they are commencing their course of study, or at the time 18 7”,70| at the end of their law course. Anyone doing such things 19 7”,92| cohabited with her in the course of a second marriage.[231]~ ~ 20 7”,93| not do this as a matter of course, but, on the contrary, 1) 21 8”,23| signifyvision of peace,” of course). Though formerly called 22 8”,23| on of hands, and not, of course, with any ordination. That 23 8”,23| Greek language, which, of course, the translators of the 24 8”,23| he went to explain in the course of the sequel to this anathematization 25 8”,23| followed as a matter of course that this single nature 26 8”,23| such virginity, ~The second course is better than the first, 27 8”,23| would be ridiculous, of course, for it to lay down legislation 28 8”,23| after his tonsure, of course. She must be divorced from 29 8”,23| pleasing God, which is done, of course, by means of the monastic 30 8”,23| liveth” here is meant, of course, leading a bodily, and real, 31 8”,23| with each other must of course have been obtained by mutual 32 8”,23| to Glycas). Then in the course of a single day it came 33 8”,23| pronounce the name of God, of course he is trustworthy and credible

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