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seniorities 1
seniority 6
sensations 1
sense 32
senseless 2
senses 8
sensible 6
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32 original
32 prevent
32 relics
32 sense
32 theodore
31 19
31 blessing

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | it as a law in the proper sense, which has general application? 2 Intro | variants that deeply alter the sense of the text.69~ ~Let us 3 7”,3 | their way to return to good sense after later learning sobriety, 4 7”,16| fittingly harmonizing the sense of the Fathers with the 5 7”,20| them sooner or later to a sense of their viciousness and 6 7”,74| of every word just as the sense of taste discerns the quality 7 7”,86| is impious and wanting in sense who keeps his wife in his 8 7”,98| of the church. Hence the sense of the words as set forth 9 8”,23| was employed here in the sense of blessing, and not with 10 8”,23| force. As for the third sense it was in force of old in 11 8”,23| energized by a demon (in this sense usually spelled “daemon” 12 8”,23| is said to be shut in the sense that the womb is barren 13 8”,23| virtue of a similarity in sense attached to the word.” Celestius, 14 8”,23| expanded so as to make the sense stand out more boldly.” 15 8”,23| be worthy, in a negative sense, and another thing for one 16 8”,23| unworthy, in a privative sense. For any man is unworthy 17 8”,23| essence and substance in the sense of substratum. The expression “ 18 8”,23| the earth. In the first sense of the word, therefore, 19 8”,23| Ecumenical in the second sense of the word on account of 20 8”,23| Ecumenical in the first sense, characterized this title 21 8”,23| but one baptism, in the sense in which the Holy Fathers 22 8”,23| To me, however, the above sense of the Canon appears to 23 8”,23| childbed and be taken in the sense of being used to avoid calling 24 8”,23| bread at all, in the Greek sense of the term, because it 25 8”,23| Greek, one may use it in the sense of “natural image,” as is 26 8”,23| may be taken in a broader sense, in which case it denotes 27 8”,23| is taken in an accidental sense, and not in its proper sense; 28 8”,23| sense, and not in its proper sense; accordingly, in such a 29 8”,23| persons or things (in this sense of the word, in fact, all 30 8”,23| this not simply, but in the sense that we do not paint Him 31 8”,23| and disposal in the second sense. Notwithstanding, though, 32 8”,23| vain. Taken in a broader sense, however, the noun perpereia (

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