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offensive 1
offensiveness 1
offer 45
offered 29
offerer 1
offering 20
offerings 2
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29 latin
29 love
29 lst-
29 offered
29 proper
29 provided
29 reasonable

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,5 | small-mindedness, the gift may be offered to God in all its purity; 2 1”,5 | unblemished gift of fasting to be offered to God. Let the second synod 3 1”,20| Council for prayers to be offered to God while standing.~( 4 7”,27| churches when grapes are offered at the sacrificial altar, 5 7”,27| of grapes as first fruits offered by way of thanks to the 6 7”,31| blood of the Lord should be offered, just as the Lord Himself 7 7”,51| perfect sacrifice to be offered to God, and indeed in the 8 7”,51| offering of the finished and offered sacrifice, whereas on Saturdays 9 7”,51| that bread is not to be offered during Lent, or, in other 10 7”,56| honey and milk must not be offered at the Altars.~(Ap. c. III.)~ ~ 11 7”,56| milk and honey must not be offered in the holy Bema on the 12 7”,56| decrees that such are to be offered, in accordance with some 13 7”,64| altar, implying that he offered sacrifices to the host and 14 7”,84| any testimony was being offered concerning it, five or even 15 8”,4 | lame excuses such as are offered in the case of sins in general, 16 8”,5 | clergy of a certain church, offered money to it of their own 17 8”,23| The Bishop, on his part, offered in witness the present Canon 18 8”,23| matter thus, divine Cyril offered no objection, but, on the 19 8”,23| them. 4) They must not be offered to converts from heresies. 20 8”,23| allowable for resignations to be offered, how could it have been 21 8”,23| but of Sasima we have been offered as candidates; though not 22 8”,23| Notwithstanding that he offered many pretexts, in spite 23 8”,23| plain from the objections offered by St. Cyril, the idea that “ 24 8”,23| house wherein Mysteries were offered, when it comes to be enslaved 25 8”,23| those, that is to say, who offered water instead of wine — 26 8”,23| in spite of this, when he offered the gifts to God inside 27 8”,23| went to Constantinople, he offered the gifts to God inside 28 8”,23| renewal of the sacrifices offered by the Greeks and the Jews. 29 8”,23| only if such things are offered by way of perquisites to

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