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benefices 1
beneficia 2
beneficial 1
benefit 29
benefited 2
benesevic 2
benevolence 2
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30 taught
30 week
30 xxii
29 benefit
29 between
29 demons
29 enough

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| years, shall be allowed the benefit thereof, according to c. 2 1”,13| dying are to be accorded the benefit of the old and canonical 3 3”,5 | they too remain without benefit and that they be left nevertheless 4 3”,5 | shall remain without the benefit of any such uncanonical 5 3”,8 | expectations, it found little of benefit to comfort it in regard 6 4”,2 | been thus ordained have no benefit from such traffic in ordinations 7 4”,4 | something in the way of benefit to his soul.[91]~ Canon 8 7”,12| everything possible for the benefit of the flocks under hand, 9 7”,12| contribute to the common benefit of the Christians who are 10 7”,19| therein afford them additional benefit. But such men must not teach 11 7”,28| some beneficial reasons of benefit to those regions, but inasmuch 12 7”,40| the common advantage and benefit, or some other necessity 13 7”,40| if this be for the common benefit of the people and on account 14 7”,53| both hands that which is of benefit. For after eschewing the 15 7”,67| them for his own use and benefit, nor should he give them 16 7”,67| such books, not in order to benefit himself by reading them, 17 7”,67| anyone else to have the benefit of them, but in order to 18 7”,79| church as being of public benefit.~ ~ ~ 19 8”,5 | been thus ordained have no benefit from such traffic in ordinations 20 8”,12| rendering any profit or benefit, even so the place must 21 8”,23| depends upon having the benefit of equality. Or it properly 22 8”,23| long as this is not so, no benefit will accrue from protraction 23 8”,23| bandage has been of any benefit. So if there has been benefit 24 8”,23| benefit. So if there has been benefit in a short time, let it 25 8”,23| But if it has been of no benefit, let it be bandaged for 26 8”,23| wounded one has derived some benefit from the bandage.” And again 27 8”,23| and unharmed and who can benefit those conversing with him. 28 8”,23| that you are conferring a benefit upon the dead when you bury 29 8”,23| incapable of receiving (benefit from) any special prayer,

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