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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | branded with anathema, his books were cast into the fire, 2 7”,67| destruction any of all the books of the Old and New Testaments, 3 7”,67| Likewise anyone buying such books, unless he keeps them for 4 7”,67| destroy or to cut up[203] books of the Old and New Testaments, 5 7”,67| accepted after tests (for many books have been written, but have 6 7”,67| extinguish or otherwise destroy books, or to those selling drugs 7 7”,67| excommunicated who buys such books, not in order to benefit 8 8”,9 | with the rest of heretical books. If, on the other hand, 9 8”,9 | together with the other books by heretics — in such a 10 8”,14| temerity to read the divine books to the laity (perhaps trusting 11 8”,23| also found stated in some books that the appointment (or 12 8”,23| latter states that in old books it was found written that 13 8”,23| recorded in histories and other books. But the Westerners argue 14 8”,23| damage. On this account such books, too — including, I mean, 15 8”,23| all magical and curious books ought to be destroyed by 16 8”,23| Ephesus believers burnt books on magic which were valued 17 8”,23| those are who cut sacred books of parchment, in order to 18 8”,23| ornaments contained in the books, or throw them into the 19 8”,23| anything at all in sacred books, even though what is written 20 8”,23| deterioration and impairment of the books, which is condemned to excommunication 21 8”,23| use such sacred and holy books in fontanelles, or in other 22 8”,23| the time of this Council, books, most of which were of parchment, 23 8”,23| and undecipherable. But in books of today, which are of paper, 24 8”,23| cross that is printed in books or even written upon letters 25 8”,23| Gospels, and other holy books, on precious crosses, of 26 8”,23| illustrations printed in books, etc. Accordingly, in Greek, 27 8”,23| Hence the icons are called books of the learned and of the 28 8”,23| Divine Names. Both these books, in fact, are the ones from

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