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insert 1
inserted 4
inseverable 1
inside 26
insidiously 2
insignia 1
insinuates 1
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26 garments
26 gave
26 heaven
26 inside
26 instance
26 marry
26 otherwise

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,14| higher class of catechumens inside the church. But one likely 2 7”,30| a liturgy or to baptize inside a room or in the parlor 3 7”,30| clergymen who baptize anyone inside the prayerhouse of anyone, 4 7”,40| very start and be shut up inside of cloisters, and from one 5 7”,45| while they themselves stay inside their monasteries (in Photius, 6 7”,73| that one is not to eat them inside of a house, or to lay a 7 7”,87| does not let his beast stay inside, it will perish. But with 8 7”,96| or to drink, or to sleep inside the temple, but are to stay 9 7”,98| were wont to roast meat inside of the sacrificial altars. 10 7”,98| outside of the church, and not inside of the sanctuary, or sacred 11 8”,23| possible for one to put fire inside his bosom, or to walk upon 12 8”,23| bless a wedding outside nor inside a monastery (page 395 of 13 8”,23| offered the gifts to God inside the Holy Bema and expected 14 8”,23| offered the gifts to God inside the Holy Bema, but immediately 15 8”,23| murders ought not to commune inside the Bema. See also Nicephorus 16 8”,23| prothesis on Maundy Thursday inside the Bema! So, for the love 17 8”,23| important fact that not even inside of a church ought on to 18 8”,23| untimely words, was once buried inside the church. And what a miracle! 19 8”,23| relatives and gave them a space inside the church in which to bury 20 8”,23| of the dead to be buried inside the holy churches; and most 21 8”,23| fact that they are buried inside the church, and the same 22 8”,23| fire because she got buried inside the church, what fate, it 23 8”,23| persons not to be buried inside a church after it has been 24 8”,23| persons not to bury him inside a church, saying: “I adjure 25 8”,23| himself worthy to be buried inside a church, how much more 26 8”,23| accounted unworthy to be buried inside a church! Woe and alas for

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