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fail 43
failed 15
failing 10
fails 21
failure 1
fainted 1
faintheartedness 3
Frequency    [«  »]
21 deposition
21 desire
21 examined
21 fails
21 forbid
21 hath
21 holding

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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                                           bold = Main text
   Council,  Canon                         grey = Comment text
1 1”,3 | suspicion. If, however, anyone fails to observe these rules, 2 4”,26| As for any prelate that fails to live up to this Canon, 3 7”,1 | Furthermore, as for anyone who fails to keep the aforesaid Holy 4 7”,17| different church. For, whoever fails to abide by this rule hereafter, 5 7”,18| a good excuse. If anyone fails to conduct himself agreeably 6 7”,18| Whoever, on the other hand, fails to comply with this Canon, 7 7”,30| and permission. Anyone who fails to abide by this rule, let 8 7”,31| service of the hierurgy fails to mix water with the wine, 9 7”,58| churches. As for anyone that fails to keep this rule, if he 10 7”,79| church for a very long time, fails to attend church on Sundays 11 7”,79| he is living in the city, fails to attend church along with 12 8”,22| excommunicates any abbot who fails to bring back to his monastery 13 8”,23| on the other hand, if one fails to accept them, it is dangerous 14 8”,23| That explains why Justinian fails to mention it in what he 15 8”,23| monk who has married and fails to repent must be anathematized, 16 8”,23| that, just as a person who fails to get baptized is not a 17 8”,23| Christian, so too anyone that fails to become perfected in respect 18 8”,23| sweet beyond moderation fails to excite pleasure, but, 19 8”,23| him (to return), and he fails to come back, her husband 20 8”,23| But if, nevertheless, it fails to do so, the one which 21 8”,23| to the prior, and if he fails to correct it, yet the danger

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