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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,28| that the fasting during the Thursday which falls in the last 2 7”,28| the evening of the Great Thursday first ate a common supper 3 7”,28| luscious foods on Great Thursday, according to Zonaras, which 4 7”,28| throughout Great Lent (both Great Thursday and the entire Great Week 5 7”,28| shall break the fast of the Thursday in the last week in Great 6 7”,28| that is to say, of Great Thursday), and by breaking it dishonor 7 7”,28| including, of course, Great Thursday itself.[156]~ ~Concord.~ 8 7”,77| the faith, and on every Thursday must recite to the Bishop 9 7”,77| Orthodox faith well and on Thursday of each week, according 10 8”,23| happens especially on Great Thursday, during the Christmas festival, 11 8”,23| on the occasion of Great Thursday came to prevail in Africa, 12 8”,23| break the fast on Great Thursday by partaking of oil and 13 8”,23| permit the fast of Great Thursday to be broken only in respect 14 8”,23| vogue as respecting Great Thursday. Accordingly the Canons 15 8”,23| better to fast even on Great Thursday both from wine and from 16 8”,23| holy prothesis on Maundy Thursday inside the Bema! So, for 17 8”,23| some persons have taken the Thursday mentioned here by the Canon 18 8”,23| only Great (i.e., Maundy) Thursday, on which it was the custom 19 8”,23| because not only on Great Thursday, but on every Thursday in 20 8”,23| Great Thursday, but on every Thursday in general of the week which

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