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17 anathema
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17 complete
17 convent
17 david
17 decided
17 decision

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,19| diaconate and is shut up in a convent for the rest of her life. 2 7”,44| Bema of the church in a convent (or nunnery) for nuns, and 3 7”,45| life and are enrolled in a convent, in general let them not 4 7”,45| mother-superiors in the convent provided with a warrant 5 7”,45| from their monastery or convent, respectively, and roam 6 7”,46| the women’s quarters of a Convent. For the faithful believers 7 7”,46| man in general sleep at a convent mutually with any of the 8 7”,46| conversely for men to sleep in a convent of nuns, this should cause 9 7”,47| Episcopate, let her enter a Convent that is in a location far 10 7”,47| ordained, she must enter a convent (or monastery) that is far 11 7”,47| become a nun in some remote convent,[174] but is to be provided 12 8”,23| the necessary wants of the convent of cenobites, and in a way 13 8”,23| errands for the needs of the convent of cenobites that monk who 14 8”,23| the ordination to enter a convent, does not at the same time 15 8”,23| resulted from some delay in the convent and the time spent in undergoing 16 8”,23| came to the monastery or convent. This became more plainly 17 8”,23| the world and entering a convent and getting tonsured as

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