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cure 1
cured 1
curium 1
cyprus 15
cyrene 1
cyrillus 1
darkness 1
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18 who
17 me
16 had
15 cyprus
15 were
15 which
14 at

The Acts of Barnabas

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1 Text| three days sailed away to Cyprus; and I was ministering to 2 Text| until we had gone round all Cyprus. And setting sail from Cyprus, 3 Text| Cyprus. And setting sail from Cyprus, we landed in Perga of Pamphylia. 4 Text| and after that to go into Cyprus, and oversee all the churches 5 Text| entreated Paul to go first to Cyprus, and oversee his own in 6 Text| urged that they should go to Cyprus, and pass the winter, and 7 Text| having served them in all Cyprus until they came to Perga 8 Text| given to thee. For I go to Cyprus, and hasten to be made perfect; 9 Text| force Barnabas not to go to Cyprus, for there it has been prepared 10 Text| Laodiceia, we sought to cross to Cyprus; and having found a ship 11 Text| having found a ship going to Cyprus, we embarked. And when we 12 Text| gone across, sailed down to Cyprus by night; and having come 13 Text| ordained him bishop over Cyprus, and having confirmed the 14 Text| and sent to his village in Cyprus, because there were many 15 Text| of Nero, having count to Cyprus, the Jews, learning this,

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