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look 2
looked 1
looking 1
lord 15
love 2
lying 1
made 7
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15 bishop
15 go
15 have
15 lord
15 now
15 put
15 their

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| acknowledging the one and only God, Lord, Judge; who have laid aside 2 Text| but now confessing Him Lord and God; formerly without 3 Text| called upon the name of the Lord Jesus, he fixed his rod 4 Text| the blessed Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ, having come 5 Text| also by the vision of the Lord to him, went forth out of 6 Text| is, O God the Father, O Lord Jesus Christ, deliver me, 7 Text| commending his spirit to the Lord, said: Peace to you! And 8 Text| And having glorified the Lord, he went to his rest about 9 Text| communicate with me, as the Lord Jesus showed us how to offer 10 Text| slept; I arose: because the Lord will sustain me. And they 11 Text| up for myself, saith the Lord. And all shouted out the 12 Text| blessing and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ shall be with 13 Text| shall be thy rest in the Lord, and exultation to ages 14 Text| bishop Plato rested in the Lord. And King Matthew succeeded 15 Text| the month of November, our Lord Jesus Christ reigning, to

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