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marmari 1
marmunth 1
married 1
matthew 78
may 4
mayst 1
me 35
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175 to
108 in
86 him
78 matthew
71 he
70 having
64 a

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| Text~About that time Matthew, the holy apostle and evangelist 2 Text| and, behold, Jesus came to Matthew in the likeness of the infants 3 Text| said to him: Peace to thee, Matthew! And Matthew having gazed 4 Text| Peace to thee, Matthew! And Matthew having gazed upon Him, and 5 Text| said: Why sayest thou, O Matthew? Understand and know that 6 Text| of sweetness. Understand, Matthew, and know that I am paradise, 7 Text| Be a man, and be strong, Matthew, in, these words.~And Matthew 8 Text| Matthew, in, these words.~And Matthew said: The sight of thee 9 Text| father. Now therefore, O Matthew, take this rod of mine, 10 Text| Now therefore make haste, Matthew, and go down hence, because 11 Text| up into the heavens. And Matthew went down from the mountain, 12 Text| brought thee here again, Matthew? or who has given thee the 13 Text| thee. Do not go then, O Matthew, to plant the rod for the 14 Text| will burn thee alive. And Matthew, having laid his hands on 15 Text| presence of the holy Apostle Matthew, met him with all the clergy; 16 Text| they kissed his feet. And Matthew raised them, and went with 17 Text| Jesus was also with him. And Matthew, having come to the gate 18 Text| grew into a great tree, as Matthew had said. And the apostle 19 Text| changed into the likeness of Matthew; then, having thus gone 20 Text| because they were ashamed.~And Matthew and Plato remained in the 21 Text| the seal in Christ. And Matthew gave orders to Plato; and 22 Text| fully come, the blessed Matthew, having gone along with 23 Text| learned what had been done by Matthew about his wife, and his 24 Text| they were inseparable from Matthew, he was seized with rage 25 Text| intended to lay hands on Matthew, Matthew saw Jesus saying 26 Text| to lay hands on Matthew, Matthew saw Jesus saying to him: 27 Text| thee always to save thee, Matthew; be strong, and be a man.~ 28 Text| be a man.~And the blessed Matthew, having awoke, and sealed 29 Text| Plato said: Peace to thee, Matthew, apostle of Christ! And 30 Text| Christ! And the blessed Matthew said to him: Peace to you! 31 Text| plotting against the blessed Matthew how he should lay hands 32 Text| daughter-in-law, put to flight by Matthew, having transformed himself 33 Text| church. And now, behold, Matthew is going forth, and Plato 34 Text| sent against the blessed Matthew four soldiers, having threatened 35 Text| and said: Unless you bring Matthew to me, I shall burn you 36 Text| arms to where the Apostle Matthew and the bishop Plato are. 37 Text| pieces alive, and eat up Matthew, and Plato, who is with 38 Text| to come near the blessed Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ, 39 Text| soldier: Since I do not know Matthew, come with me, and point 40 Text| name is Asmodaeus; and this Matthew drove me out of them. And 41 Text| whom he whom thou callest Matthew proclaims, depart hence 42 Text| against us, I pray thee, Matthew, servant of the holy God, 43 Text| soldiers without arms, to take Matthew by craft, that he might 44 Text| summoned two friends of Matthew, he said to them: Show to 45 Text| he said to them: Show to Matthew, says he, that I wish to 46 Text| to be his disciple. And Matthew hearing, and knowing the 47 Text| say to the king: Behold Matthew in the gate! And he says: 48 Text| upon me. But I pray thee, Matthew, servant of God, forgive 49 Text| in regard to my servant Matthew, know I have disclosed to 50 Text| palace; and Plato was on Matthew's left hand, going along 51 Text| keeping hold of him. Then Matthew says: O crafty tyrant, how 52 Text| pinned down to the ground Matthew's hands and feet with long 53 Text| Christians', who assists Matthew, in whom also we have believed: 54 Text| the gods in a circle round Matthew, five cubits off, securely 55 Text| fire at all points.~And Matthew, having looked up to heaven, 56 Text| the king, thinking that Matthew was burnt up, laughed aloud, 57 Text| been of any avail to thee, Matthew? Can thy Jesus now give 58 Text| the wood went away froth Matthew, and was poured round about 59 Text| destroyed by the rebuke of Matthew, of which the weight was 60 Text| palace, turned back to where Matthew was, and cried out, saying: 61 Text| me receive my sight. And Matthew, having rebuked the fire, 62 Text| into the palace, we all saw Matthew rising up, as it were, from 63 Text| saw how that child crowned Matthew, so as to be like them, 64 Text| be made, put the body of Matthew into it, and sealed it up 65 Text| of the holy offering for Matthew; and having partaken for 66 Text| furlongs off; and, behold, Matthew was standing on the sea, 67 Text| in which was the body of Matthew; and in the hour of the 68 Text| offered the offering for Matthew.~And the king having seen 69 Text| palace, in testimony of Matthew, and you shall put the coffin 70 Text| but thou shall be called Matthew. And thou, the son of the 71 Text| be called Fulvanus, but Matthew also; and thou Ziphagia, 72 Text| generation. And in that same hour Matthew appointed the king a presbyter, 73 Text| vision of the holy Apostle Matthew, praised God.~And the king, 74 Text| kingdom, writing thus: King Matthew, to all those under my kingdom, 75 Text| things had come to pass, Matthew the apostle of Christ appeared 76 Text| my own name I have called Matthew, shall receive the throne 77 Text| rested in the Lord. And King Matthew succeeded him, having given 78 Text| second to himself.~And Saint Matthew finished his course in the

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